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    Default Hello!

    I have been lurking around here a few times, but now it's time to make an account! This truly is a great and unique site.
    I'm a university student, and I study in the Tiger City, which is the "official" nickname for Oslo. I also happen to be a DL, although I have never tried it in real life - yet.
    I study to become a classical musician, so that takes a lot of my time, but I'm also a computer geek. I'm not really into sports, but in the summer I enjoy some good surfing when I get the opportunity! (yes, you can surf even though it's 10 degrees - or 50F outside, it's just colder)
    So I guess you will find me around here in the forums!

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    Red face Welcome to ADISC

    Welcome kabom to ADISC from down under.

    Yes, I also have found this unique community support site, to be an informed, friendly and safe place to express a love of diapers and lots more.

    Tiger City hey! Well I never knew that was the “official” name for Oslo, thanks. (Why)?

    What can I say about Newcastle NSW Australia? Oh, we are one of the largest black steaming coal export ports in the world, (about 90million tonnes a year or more I think), the black coal is mined up in the Hunter Valley (and our Port of Newcastle is the Hunter River).

    As for me, my love of nappies (or diapers) started way back as far as I can remember, that and a love of wearing female clothes. Some of my main interests in real life are; history, science and astronomy.

    I admire anyone who would surf in 10 degrees.

    Which instruments do you prefer to play?

    All the best with your studies.
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    The name was coined a long time ago by a Norwegian poet. It's supposed to reflect that it's a big and scary city (for a Norwegian that is, it's really one of the safest capitals in the world.) And we have a lot of tiger statues here, the most well-known being the big one just outside of the central train station. We also have a little place outside of the Parliament, called "Lions' Hill", with two big lion statues guarding the entrance. So it's an attrative city for furries, I guess :P

    BTW, I play the piano and I also compose music.

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