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Thread: Love cloth

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    my favorite is cloth

    does anybody care?

    almost forgot to tell you... I like nursery print plastic pants too. 8 more posts to go. Getting tired!

    I wore cloth diapers and plastic pants for the last four days and it's really, really hot!
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    May I emphasise Pojo's post in the other thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    With that neg rep you have now, you aren't getting regular status even if you get 20 posts now

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    You have 3 neg rep...You aren't getting regular status anytime soon even with 100 posts

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    See what this rediculous activity system makes potentially good members do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    See what this rediculous activity system makes potentially good members do?

    They did that off their own accord with what appears to be full intention of making a nuisance of themselves. If someone is more interested in gaining features and privileges rather than being a stable member of this community, then I'll have nothing to do with them. Much in the same way I'll have nothing to do with any creep that comes here.

    Anyways... drama... I'm not interested in starting something.

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    Since no one is talking about cloth diapers in this thread, I may as well close it.

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