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Thread: Obligatory "New Kid" Post

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    Smile Obligatory "New Kid" Post

    Before I introduce myself, let me tell you how EXCITED I am to find (what appears to be) rather normal, sensible, interesting people who happen to share similar interests! Other websites/forums I found somehow made me feel *more* abnormal than I already did with my Google queries.

    After lurking here for about 24 hours, I feel so much better about myself. So, a little about me:

    I'm a female in my mid-twenties. I have my BS in psychology (of all things...) but have decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. I intend to go back to school for my PharmD in the fall. Currently I work full time in hospital pharmacy. I enjoy my job; I'm a work-a-holic.

    I'm interested in...well, everything. I love learning about random new subjects that I didn't know existed. I'm kind of a nerd. I hang out with friends whenever I can...usually we eat. I'm not seeing anyone right now. But I am a lesbian, if you were curious.

    When I'm not at work, I am usually asleep. I actually have a sleep disorder that doesn't have a name yet - I'm in some clinical trials while they try to figure out more about us. It's often mistaken for narcolepsy. Sometimes I sleep up to 36 hours straight...which is why I started wearing diapers again in my 20s. I have some other neurological problems as well (I'll spare you the details), and some of my medication causes me to pee a lot. Other medication causes stomach problems. You can put all that together and see the problem, I'm sure. Instead of Depends, though, I wear girls' GoodNites.

    It's interesting reading everyone else's experiences on here, and has caused me to reflect on my own babyish feelings. As a girl - an only child with a doting mother - I got away with "being a baby" all my life. Even in high school, I had sippy cups and pacifiers. Stuffed animals and blankies. Baby-scented soaps. My 17th birthday cake was Blue's Clues!
    And my friends...I guess they liked that stuff too, and didn't think anything of it, but I was still a bit more babyish. I also got away with it because my half sister is 10 years younger than me, so I got to play with her stuff when I visited them.

    Even now that I'm "grown up," people still think I've got a "cute" personality, and a "little kid" voice. Since most of my friends and co-workers are much older than me, I tend to get treated like the baby, and I get unintentionally "mommied" quite often...even when I'm in "responsible adult" mode.

    I can also claim knowledge on a variety of baby and toddler topics, from developmental stages to toys to pros and cons of brands, because I taught preschool for 2 years (mainly ages 3 and younger). I also nannied.

    So I'm actually very maternal, as well. I think, given the things going on in my life right now, more of my "little" self is showing, and I just really long to be nurtured. I've got my baby food (well, mainly Gerber Graduates), my sippy cup, my diapers, and my passy, but self-soothing only goes so far.

    Anyway, this is absurdly long. Thanks for reading. I look forward to getting to know some people, and learning more from you guys!

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    Wonderful introduction, great to have you here! Enjoy. =)

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC! Lucky you "got away" with being a teen baby while you were growing up - I have to hide my TBness. I thought the Blues Clues cake was kinda cool. I wear GoodNites as well.

    Again, welcome to ADISC. Your post was not as absurdly long as you think :-). I look forward to your contributions.

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    You seem like a pretty cool person to be around, Welcome.

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    Heyo, Welcome to ADISC! We're so glad to have you aboard :P

    Like you said, we're probably the most level headed group of *B/DLs on the internet, so enjoy that, I certainly do

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    Great intro, although the title made me think you might be less enthusiastic than your actual intro turned out to be. I'm one of the oldies here; a retired educator and former Child Development Specialist. A lot of Psychology in both in my undergraduate and Graduate work. Now I volunteer as a storyteller at our local libraries.

    Looking forward to your contributions to the ADISC community. Welcome!

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