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    Default Hello I'm MCsqaured

    Hi my name is John, I'm currently 19, I live and study Computer Science and Mathematics in Aberystwyth (Wales/UK)

    I consider myself to be more DL than AB, and although still closeted to all the people currently in my life I have shared this with others, outside the anonymous on-line community, and they accepted me for who I am, which makes me feel lucky so that I've not met anyone who doesn't understand. I've known about *B/DL for 6 or 7 years and I've practised various parts on and off for 5 of those. I briefly joined the AB/DL story forum, 4 years ago, before falling out with an Admin there over my rather unusual philosophy on life and religion.

    I take a recreational interest in many forms of music, comedy, physics, Sci-Fi and anime, in fact a combination of the first three gave me my screen name, with a little help from Hugh Denis on Mock the Week, a British topical TV comedy quiz.

    Any questions feel free to ask, I try as much as possible not to lie in real life so I'm going too operate the same protocol here, if I don't want to talk about something I'd rather say that out right than lie to you

    John (MCsquared)

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    Welcome to ADISC MCsquared!
    Hope ya have some fun here :3

    Anyway, ever listen to Electro music at all? Personally like it myself.
    And, may I ask, but is Mock the Week any good?

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    Electo... hmm I listen to a few ELO and Escala tracks, and I have some 80's synth tracks in my music library but some for reason I don't quite think that's what you mean.

    I enjoy Mock the week, but it's not all to everyone's taste, it's got a mix of topical comedy on recent news, spoofing of celebrity figures, stand up, and improvisational comedy, series long running jokes, the very odd piece of very dark and offensive humour, the Australians' have a similar show (with the added musical genius of Tim Minchin) called Good News Week, but I don't know if the Americans' are yet to adopt a similar type of show, Whose Line is it Anyway shares one or two similarities but isn't topical.

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    Mock the Week is amazing!!

    Welcome to ADISC! I like the no lying rule, we take liars VERY seriously here at ADISC so with a philosophy like that you should be ok

    Quote Originally Posted by MCsquared View Post
    ...falling out with an Admin there over my rather unusual philosophy on life and religion...
    Do you mind me asking what that is?

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    I hope you forgive me for the long time in writing this post but I wanted to get my views across as accurately as I could and that means a very long post sorry. However I will start with the easy one my no lying rule has proved both effective and disastrous at times but keeping true to it means I don't go insane when I have to keep secrets I just say I'm not going to say anything and people don't ask any more.

    Well I fell out with the Admin because she has a very Christian attitude where as I am very Atheist and I tried to point out the logical flaws in the faith argument, and the thing about faith is that it usually deny's logic with a lot of singing, telling stories and silent chatter to someone they think exists. However if you want to know about my philosophy, you may be required to read the whole thing through a number of times and it may require short leaps of self deduction as I haven't proved it step by step and it may be based on a false premise however it is written out as articulately as I can below:

    My view is based on the many worlds theory of physics: at every intersection of reality when any number of options are presented to anyone in the universe all choices they can make are made which creates a number of universes, one for each choice. So if we imagine an if everybody on the planet has a binary choice (2 options) at the same time there will be 2^(6000000000!) [excuse the maths notation of a very very large number that I have no ability to compute in computers 2^50 bytes is a Terrabite (ish) and that number is 2^(6000000000*5999999999*5999999998*...) so I can't even begin to guess how many 0's are on the end of the number] new universes created one for each combination of choices, and given that history is a very long time and there have been many more decisions (on this planet alone) than the example above if we look at the number of decision paths can, could, and have been taken in just our life times and multiply it across the world and history then think about animals which also have free will and that in some cases there may be an argument for an infinite number of choices for one decision, we can assume an infinite number of slightly unique universes exist. this leads me to a conclusion that in an infinite number of universe that are all unique there is at least one universes that exists where I live perpetually because choices happen such that they prevent my death (one 1 in an infinite number of paths need to be true for this to work), and in mathematics involving infinities I believe that the proof of at least one proves an infinite number (infinity / any finite number = infinity) and I make the assumption (based on quantum physics applied to the macro scale) that what applies to one observer of a universe applies to all observers so in some other universes exist all the people I have loved alive and well as I remmember them, while they've died here, and while I (and others) continue our existence it's proof I'm right while death of someone that isn't myself (or yourself from your point of view), as I cannot observe my own death (or you yours), is only proof that they weren't part of the universe I'm observing of long term.

    I'm going to stop you here, to congratulate you on finishing the physics bit and ask you not to proceed to the next section if you don't understand underlying the idea: I cannot Die as long as I am an Observer of a Universe, similarly You can't Die as long as You are an Observer of a Universe, however we can both appear to die to each other.

    This provides eternal life without a deity, eternal consequence of poor moral choices that will haunt you for the rest of your life, and a "better place" for the people that have died, for the people who believe in religion for these reasons. It also means the more near/potentially fatal accidents I experience first hand the more I believe my theory. And yes I know that my Atheist view requires a few (in some case huge) leaps of faith which makes me a bit of a hypocrite, but I'll be happy to change my view when someone puts the many worlds theory to bed permanently or breaks M-theory of quantum physics permanently.

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    Hey John,

    Its nice to see computer scientist continue to slowly take over this website ^^. Its funny, we actually have quite a bit in common: I'm also a second year computer science student, an atheist (tough I don't share your specific metaphysical views on existence, but hey, whatever) and I also like physics (took a quantum/special relativity class last semester, hardest class I ever took...) and anime. Anyway, good intro and I'm sure you'll get along with the rest of the community quite well.

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    Technically I'm still a first year student, I'm sorry to say that I'm resitting due to over estimating my abilities in programming and failing with style, I also changed course to include more maths and "every day" physics although I'm now starting to miss the web development and unix parts of my course but I'm sure I'll pull through when the maths picks up a notch

    And I know my views on life and death are far from mainstream, and possibly unique. I've never been hugely interested in formally learning any of the theories I talk about I take a vast amount of satisfaction in being able to understand even the smallest part of the theories

    oh and I just realised I'm yet to thank everyone for the warm welcome thanks all
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    My view on death is how Mark Twain put it
    "We were dead millions of years before we were born, what makes it different after we die"
    Now that's not word for word, but you get the point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCsquared View Post
    Hi my name is John, I'm currently 19, I live and study Computer Science and Mathematics in Aberystwyth (Wales/UK)
    Oh oh oh!!! I grew up near(ish) Aberystwyth in Wales - ti'n siarad Cymraeg??

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    DearLeader: The difference is the difference you chose to make, maybe by doing something, anything you'll be part of a whole chain of events that triggers a whole new way of life for future humanity

    BabyJess: Unfortunately not my dad may have given me a welsh middle name but neither he nor I can speak welsh ourselves. I am trying but learning and using 3 other languages as much as possible as well might be a bad plan, I started French 9 years ago, Spanish 7, and both Japanese (with the aid and instruction of anime) and welsh (by being immersed in it during some classes) last year, so far I can speak fluent Franglais and Spanglish, and recognise in conversation and read most of the important words I need to know for welsh, and I can say some easy and very repeated Japanese phrases.

    I would ask where but, if you wanted your location know it'd be on your profile ^_^, I've never been to the "Great City of" Borth (see Borth on uncyclopedia, infact the one on Aber is quite funny to), I've only been to Llanidloes once, I got very drunk and don't remember it too well, and I don't know many towns to the south. However I have spent a number of summer holidays in machynlleth, 3 attempts before I googled it I had a y instead of an e oops, it has the best market on Wednesdays, I did most of my Christmas shopping there, there's this great little toy shop too, spent an hour in fifty-one playing with the stuff myself while looking for presents my cousins' children, it was loads of fun.
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