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Thread: Quake Arena is BACK!!!!!

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    Default Quake Arena is BACK!!!!!

    Yes, on the XBox Live Arcade, Quake III - Arena is back.

    They took the III out of the title. No matter.

    Currently downloading as I type this. This is going to be fucking awesome, and I hope it'll bring back better memories than the recent XBLA port of Sonic Adventure did.

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    After spending a couple of days with this, I have to say that this is pretty far from awesome.

    This version of "Quake Arena" is so full of bugs that should have been ironed out in the three years it took for it to be released on the XBox since it was originally announced. Not to mention, many of the achievements are very much glitched and are not unlocking for most of the people who are going for them.

    This is, by far, the biggest disappointment I have ever encountered on the XBox Live Arcade.

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    Quake... Gamepad...
    Does not compute.

    What else than a crippled pile of crap could that be?

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