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Thread: playstation home.

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    Default playstation home.

    does anyone get on the playstation home?

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    sorry that the question was unclear! killzone and trying to make posts at the same time dont really make for the best questions i guess haha.

    what I was wondering was if anyone used used the playstation home, on ps3? I just started getting on it today and I was just wondering what everyone else thought about it. ive only met a few people through it that didnt want to have a cyber relationship or were trying to get me to automatically friend them after only saying hi. has anyone made really legit gamer friends on there or is it basically a zwinky like im thinking it probably is.

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    What is this Playstation home? Some sorts of game?

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    Playstation Home, if I'm correct on this (I never got on it) is a virtual avatar like world, kinda like Second Life. You make yourself, walk around, meet people, blah-blah.

    It's.. a very odd feature that probably doesn't get much action, I believe.

    All-in-all, it's.. well it's kinda creepy..

    I never really got on it, but I have seen it "played" before.

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    its basically social networking. its not really a game but it does have a bunch of mini games. you get to create and avatar and you can go around meeting people. buying stuff for your apartment, you can buuy clothes for your avatar. if you have a PS3 and internet access you can get on it for free. its hard to explain since its not really a game its more of a virtual reality. thats the best way i can explain it

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    Playstation Home - the lamest excuse for software I've ever had the displeasure of using in all of my years.

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