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    Well I can only get diapers if i use a prepaid card. I cant bike to a store to get one, so i need a reason for my parents to take me. I just went two days ago, but i didn't think to get one at that time.
    I really want diapers but have no way to get a prepaid visa to get them
    PS i cant get store brands because my parents would get suspicious of my bringing a backpack to a store)
    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvanNibbler View Post
    I really want diapers but have no way to get a prepaid visa to get them
    Are you never going to the store again? You could always pick up a card next time you're out.

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    Well yeah but i was mainly asking what would be a good reason to want one xD. But nvrmind im just tired and irritable xP

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    Its a present for a bud of yours you could say somthing like that.

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    Lol, they wouldn't believe me But they know I want a card, I am just gonna wait till next time we go out and ask them if i can get one since I've wanted one for a while. Thanks though!

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    Your welcome and you never know it might go good for you just getting one yourself

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    You should save up some money and buy it for yourself. No questions asked if they're in a different part of the store.

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    Yeah I am gonna ask my mom if she can get me one while she is out and about. About the buying it when they are in a different part of the store: Doubt that would work - the line would be long enough that they would come back.

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