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    Ok so I want to know what (about) the dimensions are for the box that North Shore sends the Tranquility ATN pack (10 diapers) in?

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    Man that is bad luck i just threw out a box they came in 4 days ago XD

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    About what size was it, was it a big box or was it a box that a college textbook might fit in? xP

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    two weeks ago i receved a order from northshore (i still have the box The dim are 16x16x16

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    Well ok thanks. But to be sure was it of a 10-diaper pack of Tranquility ATNs?

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    i was thinking that after i posted. i ordered two bags one of atn and the other tena. so i would think they would have a smaller box.

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    Ok, thanks, so pretty small box tbh? Thats good xD

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    Ok, sorry about the double post but I decided that I am getting the Tranquility ATN 10-pack. Now i just need to find a way to buy x(

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    When I have ordered from them they do tend to use pretty big boxes, I'm always ordering through Amazon though and they're using the Amazon boxes so perhaps they're limited in that respect.

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    Well I got an official email asking them my question and they said it would come in a 16 x 12 x 6 box. Perfect size xD i will close the thread now as i got an answer to my question! Thanks all!

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    They are great diapers. Size small fit a 30" waist perfectly and they absorb a lot. Share your experience with them.

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