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    Default Greetings from England

    Hey everyone hows it going?

    Just realised i hadn't introduced myself yet, so here goes.

    I'm a 21 year old (22 in February) abdl (mainly dl) from the southwest of England. I graduated from university earlier this year and currently jobless. *sigh*

    I've been into nappies/diapers since pottytraining basically, and they've become more a part of my life as ive got older.

    However, I've got many interests outside of this scene, ranging from reading books and watching tv, to sports and martial arts - so please don't assume I only talk about diapers, lol.

    But anyways I'm here to make friends with like-minded people and if you wana chat to me about virtually anything, just send me a message

    Laters everyone.

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    Hey, welcome to the forum, its good to have you on board. Always good to see another Brit joining up I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great forum with many different topics being discussed so theres always something to take your fancy. What Sports are you into? Do you play or just watch?
    Hope to see you around!

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    Smile Hi from down under.

    Welcome ukdls1989 to ADISC from JohnyABinAUS in Australia; (let’s not mention the cricket, lunchtime third day Perth WA).

    Great to see someone from the southwest of England join. To think that you were born in the same calendar year of the Newcastle earthquake (28th December 1989) nearly 21 years ago, boy time flies! Happy birthday next February!

    As for me, my love of nappies (or diapers) started way back as far as I can remember, (don’t think that I liked potty training), that and a love of wearing female clothes. Some of my main interests in real life are; history, science and astronomy.

    I also like reading books. I have just finished one on microbiology.

    Felicitations on graduating from university, all the best with finding suitable work.

    Enjoy your visits here. "Laters" I like it.

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