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    Default Adult Sized Big Wheel

    I know many of us toddlers are looking for some of the things we had during childhood. I always loved my Big Wheel, I spent many hours a day riding on the thing. it was the greatest toy ever.

    I found a place that makes adult size ones and am wicked excited. I am in no way related to the website but thought others may benifit to this find as well.

    Big Drift Adult Big Wheel (Red) - Mad Dog Cycles Bike Shop in Orem Utah

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    Awesome and all, but not a true big wheel :| but still cool!

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    Seen em before, been around for awhile...

    Just saying.

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    Wicked. In the video, riding them up the side of the road embankment looks fun. I for one haven't seen these before, thanks for the link.

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    that's friggin awesome! If I didn't live in flat land Texas I'd definitely consider getting one!

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    lol im so stupid. I got all excited about this cuz i thought you were talking about this --> VTech Baby Turn and Learn Driver | Kids Toys and Games

    god that must have been one of my faves

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