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Thread: What Do You Prefer: a Disposable Diaper, Pullup or Cloth Diaper?

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    Default What Do You Prefer: a Disposable Diaper, Pullup or Cloth Diaper?

    For me I perfer disposable diaper cause i just like the feel of them more and the security of them but i will use cloth to but i like disposable better. What do you like?

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    Depends on what brand pullup xD. I prefer disposable, maybe this should be a poll! Nice thread FTW!

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    I was going to make it a pull but i like it better when people explain why.

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    If they made pull-ups that didn't suck in adult sizes, I would prefer them. However my preference lies with disposables.

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    definitely disposables, never cared for pull-ups

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    Yeah, I've never been able to get diapers. My parents are a bit snoopy and observant, and plus they drive me pretty much everywhere. Online is not an option, as my parents always check the mail, and if something is for me i have to open it in front of them. The only diaper selling store I have access to is right where kids at my school buy recess.

    If I could though, the diapers I would pick would be underjams.

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    for me it has to be good old cloth and plastic pants i love the thickness and you can get them really wet, great for the long winters nights.

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    ^^ All Good reasons and answers. Keep it up ^^

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    Disposables all the way, all I have ever used, all I ever will do.

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    I prefer plastic disposables, but will sometimes wear pull-ups or cloth.

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