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    I would like to apologize to anyone I offended due to a story that I resently put up on the site. I will watch what I put up on here more carefully, but I will say that I do have a small complaint. Yes the story was volger and all of that but I ment no harm and I clearly said "Warning- following story contains, volgarity, racism and strong language." Basicly saying if you are offened by stuff like that then just don't read it, simple as that.

    Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

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    Putting a "warning, mature content" tag on your story doesn't exempt it from people getting angry at it. It was just a continuous stream of tasteless jokes and insults, it wasn't even a story.

    Still, apology accepted. Just remember, there's a difference between a story with mature topics, and a story with mature topics done immaturely. :P

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