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    This is a rant. This also has some sexual context. So, before you slap any bad rep on me for reading something you don't like...don't read it. I think it is relevant for those who think they have really bad parents. This also does not apply to everyone seeing is that all parents are different, but in light of all the parent haters here I just wanted to open some eyes.

    Really though...if you don't want to read me rant...stop


    No...really stop!

    OK fine, go.

    I have been a DL for a while now, actually all my life, and I have also been on these sites for a while as well, five to six years I think. Anyway, I have helped numerous amounts of kids and even adults who have DL and TB problems. I have written letters for them to give to their parents, I have told them what diaper to get, what they needed to do certain things and all that jazz and some how, in every single one of these situations, they go on to tell me how much they hate their parents, and how their parents are such idiots: I find it quite amusing and extremely sad.

    I would like to make this clear to anyone who doesn't know. Being open minded goes both ways. You like everyone and everything, and are cool with it? Really? I highly doubt it, but I wont infringe on your right to believe it, so cool, good for you. But- Just because you like everything and are cool with everything and everyone, doesn't mean everyone else has to be. Open mindedness goes even further, you have to open your eyes to other peoples views. People wont see things the way that you do, that goes a lot more for your parents.

    It's not all bliss though, I mean there are bad parents out there, but just because your parents don't like you wearing diapers, doesn't mean shit. Get the hell over yourself. Listen, parents like to put their children on pedestals, you are not a sick person for liking diapers, but you are out of the norm, I can tell you that. Look at it from their point of view, I know, its hard but just try, they want whats best for you, and fitting in is viewed as a good thing.

    You want to be cool? You want to be different? Then why not just stop and think, because there is not much of that going on anymore. Yes, your parents will see it as bad that you want to change your religious beliefs. Yes, they will think it bad if you want to go do dangerous things. Yes, your parents will also probably think it is bad if you like diapers. AND FOR CHRIST SAKES, if you want to rebel, YES THEY WILL THINK OF IT AS A BAD THING!!!!! Looking cool is not the only thing rebelling will bring.

    Wait?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! They don't want you to be gay? HOW DARE THEY?!? Really? Who would have thought they didn't want that?!?!?! I mean, being ridiculed your whole life for being different is so great, why would any parent want to take that away from their child. And this is coming from FullMetal, a very big flamer. I mean, sure they shouldn't be kicking you out of the house (sowwy Mr. Kraiden) and they shouldn't disown you, but just as you have the right to like guys, they have the right to not like you liking guys.

    It pretty much comes down to, what in the hell is wrong with you? They love you, they are looking out for you. I know, woe is me, they don't understand that I love diapers, but what?!? Hello? Who in the hell would. And even if they didn't care...why the hell are you even telling them that you like diapers? Or what the hell...why stop their, why not tell them you like to stick things up your butt because it gives you the right amount of pleasure to jack off to? Why the hell not? It is part of your life style isn't i-

    Oh god how I loOOOOoooOoOove that excuse too. "I have to tell them because it is a part of who I am INSIDE!!!!" CUE THE GOD DAMN VIOLINS!!! I hate to say this, but if that's the excuse your going with you better be leaving the house telling your parents "I'll be home around nine or ten, well that is after I stick my penis in this girls vagina and try not to get her pregnant. Oh and by the way, can you water my marijuana plant. Only a little though! Don't want to kill it." Get the hell out of here.

    If you don't want to make them mad, stop pissing them off! If you have a conversation and end up saying, 'My mom hates me!!!!' chances are, she loves you even more than you think. I have this long as conversation with this boy who kept on telling me his parents hate him because they don't understand that he is bad at math and get mad when he brings home a bad grade...umm, If my parents were happy with me getting a bad grade, I would call child services myself. Its normal!!!! Come on people, get real.

    Anyway, to sum it all up. Your parents are looking out for whats best for you, cut them a little slack. They might irritate you and all but that's what they are supposed to do, it is mainly their job. All they want to do is watch you do well and prosper. So they don't like you in diapers? So they don't want you moving to a different country? So they don't want you to stray from their religious beliefs? Is that really so wrong? If you truly see it that way, you have to, have to have to have to have to have to....have to just check yourself. Look at it from their point of view, see if anything changes.



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    Do I dare be the first to reply. Meh..

    Every parent will have some expectations of their child. From their intellectuability to how well they socialise with people. the child in their younger years makes a big part of you parents life rasing you and everything. So they try to teach how to behave sensibly, teach you whats right and wrong. Always encouraging you to do better at school etc... They are responsible for you and they are trying to do the best for you.

    so as you said FullMetal about parents being unhappy with low math grades. It is normal and I would expect it. No one was good at everything. I'm good at maths but crap at organisation. So of course they are always on my back about it. I admit it, and take it in. I don't go and complain about it, I was in the wrong.

    As for complaing, "I wasn't good at it in the first place" unless its compulsery. Employers would expect you do have an average grade or higher in everything. Its there to help your future. I don't think your parents really want to be loaning money out to you to realise you still can't sustain a living by yourself.

    the whole issue of diapers confuses most parents. So again, you took the risk of getting caught/wanting to open up to them. No one said it would be easy. Again, your parents want you to be a good person. Some of them would see it "Its one of those teenage phases". But really, expect them to raise eyebrows. Times change, fasion changes. Each generation of people is different. There are emos, punks, hippies etc... I am sure parents would try to stop their children from clasing themselves in this group as that wasn't how they were raised and again, surely isn't good for your development.

    At the end of the day, your parents have done a lot for you. The world doesn't owe you any favors. Nor will your Parents bend their backs backwards and serve your every need.

    I have to say I pretty much mostly with what you said FullMetal.

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    Full metal i got what you were saying with the being ridiculed but what about when they parent acts like a child and teases or ridicules there kid for something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnMarth View Post
    I have to say I pretty much mostly with what you said FullMetal.
    Huh? No i got what you said, but I just thought it was funny

    Quote Originally Posted by genbaby View Post
    Full metal i got what you were saying with the being ridiculed but what about when they parent acts like a child and teases or ridicules there kid for something like that.
    As I stated, I am making a generalization. I said that it does not have to do with all parents. But, better to answer your question. If a parent is ridiculing their child, they are obviously abusive or don't know what they are doing. The best way to take care of it, in my opinion, is for the child to gracefully speak to their parents in a mature fashion. This thread is taken out of context, I just tried to give tidbits of information, some will apply, some will not.

    If you go into further detail of what kind of ridicule you are referring to then I might be more inclined to answer fully but I am not sure what you are getting at.


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    There's always two sides of the story here, I guess.

    What FullMetal is trying to say, I think, is that your parents have high expectations in your future life, career, family and what not. So whenever you say, do or think something that contradicts their expectations, you shouldn't expect your parents to be very welcoming about it. If you're lucky, they will say they understand and not get all worked up, but that's actually the best you can hope for.
    Should you hate your parents for that? Probably not. Hate is quite a strong emotion, and I can guarantee you that - should you ever had kids of your own - you will catch yourself thinking the exact same way as you parents were thinking back when they discovered your secret and you really hated them. Ask any person of an older age and you'll always hear stories about how they rebeled and wanted to change the world, and eventually discovered it wasn't quite that easy.

    Does that mean you should change your life, drop your strange hobbies and what not? I'd say no. It's your destiny to think differently and to try new ways, to test new frontiers, and it's also your destiny to experience failure many times.
    I agree with FullMetal though: Just don't go around saying you "hate" your parents. Your opinion and their opinion of where you should be going in life will differ significantly, but keep in mind that they have many more years of experience and at least try to listen to their advice every once in a while. At the end of the day, they're your legal guardians...not your commanding officers. Ultimately, you get to make the final decision...and have to live with the consequences!


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    FullMetal, I couldn't agree with you more. Whenever someone says they want to tell their parents, the first question I always ask is WHY???. It's one thing to be caught, or 'found out', but it's another to voluntarily tell your parents what (in most cases, c'mon people, face it) gives you sexual pleasure.

    And as for parents not wanting their kids to have problems in life fitting in - those were my mom's exact concerns when she found out I like guys. Not "it's immoral", "it's wrong", etc. But instead worried how I would cope in society and stuff. It took a lot of reassuring her. Now that's just with being gay. If you look at *BDL-ism from someone else's perspective, it's pretty damned weird (and much less known than being gay :p). I think we can all agree about that.

    But...parents who find out their child is an TB/DL or different in another way and start getting all righteous and mean, are not excused. They are just bad parents in my opinion.

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    If i am getting what you are saying. You thin the parents are protecting there kids well in many cases that is right.

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    Meh, I would have liked this topic so much more if the opening post wasn't so aggresive & patronising.

    Also this:

    And this is coming from FullMetal, a very big flamer.
    Was pretty lame.

    Albeit, I agree with what you're saying.

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    Red face

    I thought this flame was gonna be like 4000 degrees and i would get fifth degree burns without a flame retardant suit, but i walked through the fire and saw the light (lol)

    I am one of the "older" people on this forum (if 19 is old enough). I have not lived in one place for more than 4 years, with my parents taking me all over the place. From New Joisy to South Korea, then Malaysia, then Michigan and then finally back to NJ (cue the violins fullmetal). When i was around 14 years old, i figured that my parents were ruining my life by taking away friends that i had so little time to make. I hated them for it and tried to rebel. I didnt do squat in school, got into trouble a lot, and even tried to kill myself twice. I thought that if i resisted them enough they would listen to me and give me whatever i wanted. But they stood their ground making me even more agitated. I was depressed and lost, and somewhere in there i became a DL, but my parents would never have guessed until later on. Meanwhile, I got more than my fair share of "crap" not only from them but my relatives as well. It made them sad that i was going in a downward spiral that i refused to believe.

    I was on course to dropping out of high school until one summer i decided to give up and do something useful with my life. After all, i gave my parents enough crap already while they still loved and cared for me. I needed to return the favor somehow. I got my act together and decided to do some school work. With that i graduated from high school and they paid for a decent college up in NY. I got a really nice car (that i had saved up for) and took it with me up north. After not doing so bright during the first quarter they took my car keys away until i got my grades up. I'm not angry at them for taking something i worked for. I needed to work more to earn it. I love them for it and they still love me, no matter what happens.

    Before i left for college, i broke the DL news to my mother who tried to avoid me for the next few weeks, but she couldn't because i am her son. She gave me some crap about it of course, but in the end we still love each other.

    Now my dad lost his job and is searching for a new one which most likely means moving again. It doesn't bother me as much now, but it's just another hurdle in my life that, with a little effort, i can jump.

    In the end, your parents do love you, some ways more than others. They need you as much as you need them. Shit happens in life, but that doesnt mean you have to hate your parents for them.

    Thanks FullMetal for bringing this up. I feel like i got something off my chest thats been around for a long time.

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    I hate many things ABOUT my parents, but I don't hate them.

    Thats what I think most people mean when they say they hate their parents, aka won't let them go to friends house, they hate their parents for that, but don't actually hate them.

    TBE did you pay for the entirety of the car? I would understand if you only payed for half, but If my parents took away something I payed for in entirety, I would be VERY angry.

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