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Thread: I just purchased my nuk 5 i nuts?

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    Default I just purchased my nuk 5 i nuts?

    So ..hehe. If u look at my last post you will see that i lost my most favoritest .paci in the world. My ballooney yellow paci.

    So..since i cant find it...uhh i randomly decided..ide buy a nuk 5 mod.

    It totally wasnt planned either. It would b my first nuk 5 ever im freaking out with everyone mom dad sister nanny..grandfather...

    Do pacifiersrus...ship..with like a BIG PICTURE OF A PACI ON IT ....with ADULT PACIFIER IN BIG LETTERS (lol)


    I must be nuts but im desperate..for a paci that fully fits in my mouth like my old paci did

    (then again i have like 36 baby pacies...i feel like im abandoning them bleh.)

    lol should i be worried on the packaging..also...about how long do they take to ship?

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    They ship in a plain envelope. If people don't open your mail, you should be fine.

    Can't help you on the shipping time; I never pay attention.

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    IDK about shipping but tell your parents (if they see the package) that it was a prank your friends pulled on you as a result of a lost bet. They would ship one embarassing thing to you that you had to use when you saw them next.

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    Depending on who's shipping it, you can usually track the order. Most places ship discretely of course. Pretty easy to lie out of it if the package is revealed yes, but if this leads to your other paci's being discovered in the near future that could turn out bad haha.

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    Loll! I couldnt explain the 36 pacis and likie 40 million baby bottles in a suitcase.... i keep in the closet... XD LOL LOL LOL
    I have tried to figure out explanations (baby shower preparation..maybe)

    How do u track an order?

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    You should get an email with a tracking number and link. If you don't got a link go on the site the binki is being shiped with and put in your tracking number their.

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    when you ordered it there should have been an email in it explaining how to do it, but then again that depends on who's shipping it.

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    You'll love the nuk5... I love mine...

    Hope you get it and all goes well...

    Let us know how you like it...


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