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    I'm waiting for my parents to go to bed... my dad said "Im exhausted"

    I thought "wonderful"
    But noooo he's watching tv and my mom is running around doing laundry... I want to be alone so I can be in my tshirt and diaper without any interference.

    I'm FURIOUS.

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    so I'm guessing the moral of this is, it sucks to live with mom and dad when you're an ab/tb/dl/w.e

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    Whyyyyyyyy is this a thread in the diaper talk forums :S. Seems like a silly place for it. How about using your bedroom?

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    First of all, that's what dads do when their tired; they grab the remote instead of go to bed. Moms are different though, "I'm tired." could mean anything from 'go away' to 'i want a different job'.

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    Pretty stupid reason to be furious. Your parents are just doing their things.

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    I can relate to how you feel as I've felt the same way before. But like others have said, there's really nothing you can do about it. The best thing to do is to just wait and preoccupy yourself with something else to do. It'll make time go by much faster than being frustrated about something you can't control.

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    Definitely one of the more humourous threads I've encountered. : p

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