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Thread: Christmas shopping DONE! almost...

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    Default Christmas shopping DONE! almost...

    Finally the sigh of relief. Just ordered the final few gifts from BestBuy for my family. As of now Christmas shopping is more or less over for me

    I still need to get my Mom something though and have been thinking of getting her a new TV. Most of the reports on LCD TV prices indicate that they will drop even further after Christmas. I may just hold out for that and pick her up a nice TV when the after Christmas sales hit. That will be the one really big ticket item I give for Christmas this year.

    So how is everyone else doing on their holiday shopping? Were you done some time last month, or the kind of person that waits till the 24th at 4pm?

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    My family doesn't really buy into shopping for things we can't afford (sorry economy). Instead we go out and do something like skiing or camping, and dinner at a semi-fancy restaurant.

    The only time we ever give gifts is birthdays, otherwise the stuff we want like LCD TVs we save up for a few months and buy.

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    Same as above comment, we couldn't even afford a tree this year. We're just going to all hang out and eat. That's all we can do. =)

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