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Thread: I lost my favorite paci :(

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    Default I lost my favorite paci :(

    I feel so sad D: have any of u lost one of ur favorite baby things ...

    Ive been searching for days *cryy*

    It was my yellow ballooney paci ..i used it so much that it broke and i had to put it toggether again o.o

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    aww, sorry to hear. =( I lost a favorite bottle, clear with light blue outline and butterflies on it during a move. Never found it. :/

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    Sorry to hear I lost one of my pacis too, a red and green one. Oh well I'll go to zellers tomorrow and get me some mam airs

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    Aw, sorry to hear that.

    I once lost a tiny giraffe stuffie at a restaurant and I cried for days afterwards. He was my favorite. Yes, I can get a little emotional. It's better now though because I got a gigantic Geoffrey from Toys R Us that even talks. Maybe you'll find it or you'll find one you like that's similar?

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    I cried too :[.

    I hab lots of what i call "ballooney" pacis.. but..

    I always liked my yello one because it fit in my mouf different and it helped me sleep. I guess im spoiled with it heehee...

    Aw i also lost a stuffie animal once ....Its horrible when u first realize u dont have it

    im hapy u got a new stuffie ^_^

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    So sorry to hear that! Hope you'll find it
    I also lost something at my grandmothers house. I know there werde DEFINETLY at least 5-10 vintage diapers from pampers. All I found was one and I cherish it like life itself <3

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    omg i love vintage baby products! I have a paci from that was mine in 1992 hehe. ^_^

    I also have a paci from the 80's ..but i wasnt born yet...I got it roaming around in a wierd store that never renews its stock LOL (I was born 1990)

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