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Thread: Fact vs Fiction

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    Exclamation Fact vs Fiction

    I keep reading these posts here (and on other websites that are ABDL related), with individuals stating that "incontinence would be the greatest thing ever", as if it is the last step of an AB or TB.

    People, it's not great. At all.

    So far I only have accidents, so the extent to my knowledge on this is dim. But I do know that I have had had an uncle (who wasn't an AB by any means) become incontinent after continuous treatment for colon cancer, and it wasn't a pretty site.

    He had rashes. So many, in fact, that it almost drove him insane.
    He had to wear diapers 24/7. Visibly no time to "air out", meaning that his nether regions were trapped full term.
    He lost a significant part of his dignity. Seeing as how he no longer had control of something that it seems too many AB's/TB's are taking for granted.

    And he was miserable.

    He later had to be put on this bag thing, but I'm not going to get into that....

    I will most likely become incontinent by the time I'm 40, because of a disease that effects my kidneys et bladder. Something that I have had since birth, that my Urologist can do little to help me with. I'm interested in diapers, sure. But I do not want to be bound to them...

    So, it's really not something that others should look for, unless they understand the consequences.

    To each his/her own, I suppose.


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    Doesn't sound very pleasant at all to me. Having fun every now and then doing it for the AB aspect is nice but I don't understand why people would want to actually be regressed that far.

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    Diapered Anime has a lot of members that think incontinence would be "so much fun"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kylesa View Post
    Diapered Anime has a lot of members that think incontinence would be "so much fun"
    This is why I don't go on there. Too many young, stupid TB's who want to poop themselves uncontrollably. (And fanfics of the girls on Naruto...)

    But, yeah. Incontinence is one of the worst things I can imagine and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Okay, there are a few exceptions to that... (Though I do think it's kind of hypocritical for me to say that because I have BIID. I mean, your body. Your choice, right? Sure, it'd be hard and it would change your life forever, but... if that's what you want. Your mileage may vary... It's not my thing, but... FUCK YOU, NEUTRALITY.)

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    Icontinence is like a disorder. It's just something you can't control. If someone wishes to be disabled, then they are out of their mind. There are people who think we are very lucky to be continent, yet there are people who wish to not be able to hold their pee or crap at all, and just let it go whenever. We should be thankful we can control it. Why do people want to become incontinent? That's like saying "I'm tired of walking, I wish to be unable to walk and have to use a wheelchair for the rest of my life." Do you realize how much people who do not have the ability to do so envy us for being able to use our legs? To stand up and hug our loved ones? It's the same situation. I guess some people are just too ignorant to see how lucky they really truly are..

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    I don't think it would be 'the kewlest thang evar!' to be IC. Honestly, the threads where people want to make themselves incontinent just scare me. Why would you want to hurt yourself just so you'd have 'an excuse' to wear diapers?

    You don't need an excuse, honestly. If you want to wear 'em, then you can.

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    Yeah i really don't understand why people want to harm their bodys for it. Its not fun and games like people think. I have it myself and its not fun granted it gives me an excuse that why i am wearing diapers. But its a pain at times. People really think what your doing before you doing something like that. I go i to detail why i am incontinent but it take a while.

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    Tends to get annoying hearing people say "they can handle it." I'm not saying they can, it's just they need to really think before getting into that because ignorance can lead one to an unpleasant position.

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    i always tell people to go into a crowded room with a lot of people and poop yourself.....if you can do that and live with the embarrassment then more power to you....but honestly i think its dick measuring to be honest....every one wants to be on top every one wants to be you have this desire to be a part of a commmunity so you dont feel so ostracized and different but then all the sameness causes u to want to stand out....

    i get those type of people on my messengers from time to time.....the conversations dont last long.......

    but what i cant stand more is people that lie about it.....for instance all the people who seem to have gotten into car accidents and miraculously become incontinent....i have many disabilities and there isnt a day that goes by where i dont wish i was normal....sure turning to abdlism when i went into foster care helped me deal with life and still helps me cope and i have met a lot of awesome people in the process......but people who wish to be disabled or lie about it......they really bug me....

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    Those who take infantilism lightly piss me off - a lot! I've been struggling with obsessions and compulsions about wetting and messing myself for as long as I can remember. I felt ashamed and guilty because I could not control certain thoughts, feelings and behavior. The anxiety was intense when I wore diapers and even worse when I didn't.

    My psychiatrist tells me that this condition is a manifestation of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and the best possible treatment for it is the use of SSRIs at high doses. This treatment may bring a 70% improvement of the symptoms of OCD. Unfortunately I am Bi-Polar and high doses of SSRIs carry a high risk of precipitating mania, which is completely unmanageable. So I'm screwed!

    OCD is a biological disorder. I don't do these things on purpose. The fact that I sometimes find it pleasant does not make my life easier, and I don't think its a fun hobby, as I have heard some people describe it. Maybe its a hobby for them. Not me. It has hurt me much more than it has been "fun", if you can call having multiple disabilities "fun" which I consider asinine.

    IF I had a choice, I would NEVER do any of these things. It would have NEVER happened to me. But it has. Jerks who make light of it do not understand the gravity of the situation at all. You want to be incontinent? You want to lie about it? You better look at the truth about yourself and choose what kind of person you want to be. A liar? Well then I have no time for you because it is pointless to have a conversation with a liar.

    I can understand if you have obsessions and compulsions - I have always had them. I can't understand someone that kids themselves and lives a lie. If you obsess about incontinence and diapers then get some help 'cause it ain't normal. By normal I mean that 99,999 people out of 100,000 do not have long term obsessions and compulsions about wetting and messing themselves and wearing diapers 24/7. And if you have to lie about it then you got a problem pal.

    It ain't no joke because bladder and bowel control are fundamental functions, and when you lose them, you've lost something very important indeed. I know. But I don't lie about it. My lack of control isn't a miracle - it's a curse!

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