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Thread: Well I'm screwed

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    Exclamation Well I'm screwed

    Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm fucked here. Here's what happened.

    My mom and dad have been fighting for a while now. Today, I was caught in the middle of it and told my mom to stop throwing shit around the house. (She threw a wreath at the Christmas tree) It wouldn't stop, and because I asked her to stop throwing stuff around, she slapped me. So me and my dad went out for a while with my cousin but eventually came back. My mom acted like an asshole, and so I retorted at her just as assholishly. she tried to shove me out of the house, but now claims that she was just 'pushing me back.' I swear to fucking hell...

    So now, me and my step dad are either going to go live downstairs, or leave. We really can't stay here anymore. On top of everything, my mom called me a pedo for being a TB. Yup. Fucking great, right? If I'm gone for a while guys, don't be surprised. I have no idea what'll happen.


    *UPDATE* Well, she apologized and I apologized, but I don't know what me and my dad are doing. *Sighs* Shit happens, I suppose.
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    Hope everything turns out well. :/ I've been there a few times myself having issues with the mother.

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    Oh, I am so sorry!!!

    I hope that everything turns out for the best though, and that your mom will be the one to leave. Since she seems to be the actual problem, and all...

    ...oh and, (no offense to you) but screw your mother for calling you a pedo! She's the one acting like a total bitch!!!

    Anyway...I hope everything turns out for the best. :/

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    Lol she called you a pedo. Because having a fetish for a childhood object somehow makes you like children. That's like saying having a bondage fetish makes you want to kidnap people and tie them up in your room.

    Good luck, man. If your mom's such a asshole it's probably best for you to leave with your dad.

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    I hope for the best for you. Doesn't sound like a good place to be at all, and would suggest you stay at a friends for a while.

    So, take care of yourself and find a safe place to go to.

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    Wow, that's such a shame. Not just the situation itself but also (mostly?) your mother's actions. Whatever the quarrel that your parents are having is, its utterly out of line of your mom to draw you in like that. The fact that she literally pushed you around and called you a pedo... man, you need a hug *hugs*. But seriously, what she did is just disgusting, and the very least she could do is apologize once she calms down...
    I know this is a tired cliché, but whatever happens to your parent's relationship is not your fault, has nothing to do with your actions (no matter what they might want you to believe) and could not be prevented by you. This is your parent's war, and the fact that you've been cough in the crossfire in the way you've been is completely shameful.

    Mike, I really hope that things calm down really soon for you. If you want support, advice or even just a place to vent, we'll be there.

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    No matter the unfortunate circumstances, don't get too down about it. It's perfectly fine to be upset, but don't let it control you, and don't let it put foul thoughts in your head. I hope this works out for the better, and I hope you and your family all stay safe.

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    Well, she apologized and I apologized, but I don't know what me and my dad are doing. *Sighs* Shit happens, I suppose.

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    Maybe just some space between the three of you would help. Might seem like your taking your dad's side if you are with him(even if you are) might be better to take the unbiased route and stay with a friend and let your parents work it out amongst each other. If there have really been so many problems between them that is.

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