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Thread: This guy is not helping our rep.....

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    Default This guy is not helping our rep.....

    So I was checking the weather first thing this morning and come across this article about a man in my city...
    Oklahoma City man admits conning baby sitters by posing as autistic and wearing diapers |

    Now, nowhere in the article does it made any mention of diapers/ bottles/ pacis being a mental illness, or that anyone who does these things is automatically a molester, BUT the comments have now been disabled on the article, with good reason.

    Everyone jumped to the conclusion that anyone who wears a diaper needs to be institutionalized and on copious amounts of meds. And that was the nicest comment I saw.

    Anyway, I have no plans on coming out to my friends, but if they ever found my paci or something, I would explain to them, and while they are pretty intelligent, if word ever got around about me being AB, I would be somewhat scared that someone would remember this and assume the worst.

    TL;DR An AB/DL in my town was tricking/ molesting people, now I am more worried people will think that about me.

    Anyone have anything like this happen near them? Or have any other thoughts about the article or them disabling comments?

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    There is already a thread on this in the Off-Topic forum. But yeah, the general consensus is that this guy is messed up and making us look bad.

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    Oops D: *runs over there* Sorreh.

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    Kay, I did not see a similar thread (went back to June). ?? And I also don't see how it's off-topic, since it directly relates to me being worried about my AB-ness. So besides this happening before, what do people think about them disabling comments?

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