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Thread: alright I'm back...

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    Default alright I'm back...

    Ok so I have had multiple accounts on her and forgotten everything about them...I guess it's because of long binge/purge cycle.


    about me?
    I play the guitar.
    I'm pretty smart with computers (like for real).
    And other stuff I'll list off when i think of it.

    I'm better at answering questions...can't really think of anything to say. I'm a pretty quiet guy until you get to know me (ha).

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    Well, welcome back avitas!

    Just some advice about the binge/purge cycle: try to go into diapers as slow as you possibly can, and resist the urge to completely jump into it. Because if you do jump in (as you already know) you'll just get sick of it too fast. Oh and breaks are great too.

    What kind of guitar do you play? I'm fairly good at the bass myself. Wanna jam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrawberryRaven View Post
    Well, welcome back avitas!

    What kind of guitar do you play? I'm fairly good at the bass myself. Wanna jam?
    I play electric and acoustic and we've got a banjo that I haven't learned to play yet... I listen to a lot of music mostly indie/alternative and everything else. My favorite band is modest mouse but I like pretty much everything... Except crap :P

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    Crap is awful.

    Modest Mouse is good, but I prefer Emilie Autumn. :P

    Again welcome!

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