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    Default Primark Sleepers!

    Yes, I know there was a thread on this a while ago, but it's now been closed, and I'm curious...

    Who has one? What different designs are there, actually, that's something I'm REALLY curious about...

    I have 2/4 (2 I can currently wear, 2 that are a 'christmas gift')...I'll try and upload pics at some point :3

    One thing I've noticed is a bit of a size discrepancy...I'm a pudgy puppy and I wear a size 20 usually, but I bought one sleeper (leopard print arms) and it fit me fine, even though it was a size L (the tag read '16/18' besides the 'L'). I got another one (with stars, hearts and clouds on) and it's a little shorter/tighter :s I hope the rest are the same as the leopard one... Anyone else have that problem?

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    I got one. Unfortunately, they only had the female version in the Primark in my city (and therE's only two Primark stores in this country, so I can't exactly choose to look in another city without going 350 miles south). So I went to buy the purple-elephants one, not really for myself but for any potential visitors who want to wear pink.

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    Yes yes! I've got two, a pink one from last year, and a black bumblebee one from this year. There was a really nice one that I had my heart set on for my xmas as well... but it just wasn't meant to be

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    I've got the red reindeer/snowflake one, it's actually quite big on me round the middle and the arms are comparatively quite short to the rest of the sleeper (still fit me fine though).

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