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Thread: Hey Guys :D

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    Default Hey Guys :D

    So, I've been reading the forums and wiki for a while, decided you're all pretty cool people and I might as well go ahead and make an account here.

    I've been a DL for about as long as I can remember, just about all the way back to last Sunday (My memory's terrible, but really, it's been a while.)

    Anyway, I'm just another random high-school geek, programing in my spare time, playing games, the like.

    Your advice always seems fairly sound, and I look forward to giving, as well as receiving it. See you around!

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    Welcome! I got an account for the same reason! And yeah, feel free to ask our advice hehe Well, i'm not much for a formal welcomer...i guess....but welcome and have fun!

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    Welcome To The Forum dude :3

    What kinda Music do you listen to? What Kinda Games Do You Play?

    Hope to see you around


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    Default Yeah welcome

    I think I'd agree that most ppl are pretty cool here. Welcome aboard! Make yourself at home and feel free to ask questions! There is no such thing as a silly question. Have fun and take care

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darklethal12 View Post
    ...and I look forward to giving, as well as receiving it. See you around!
    *snicker snicker snicker* X3

    Gutter-minded me aside, welcome to

    Programming in spare time... what languages are you into? ActionScript, Java, PHP? I haven't touched a compiler in a while, but personally prefer C++ and Java, but lately experimenting with ActionScript cause of work.

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    I'm into pretty much every kind of music there is, but stick to industrial most of the time.
    Games are, as with every teen male, almost exclusively first-person shooters.

    I've mainly stuck to C++ for all my programing needs. Once I get that down, I'll probably branch out to Java.

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