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    Looking for some ideas on things to do in Orlando Florida next week with 2 kids 11 and 13. We are planning a couple days at the various parks already. However its supposed to be somewhat colder then normal so are looking for ideas on other things to do where we won't freeze. Oh, and more importantly looking for a fun place to go watch the Sunday Night Football game between the Patriots and Packers!

    Any ideas?

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    hmm I would suggest I drive as it has some indoor places like Gameworks which has lazer tag which is pretty kewl. Umm there are tons of bars on I drive. I hope this helps hehe. You hafta goto the parks everyone does that :-p.

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    I had a vacation there earlier this year. If you can go to the Capones Dinner Show I highly recommend it (it's a awesome show and awesome Food) Or the Mid Evil times is also pretty epic (horses and jousting) You can also go to Nasa (cape canaveral) You could see some of the malls (my family loved to shop) and see downtown disney and see the lego land and what not) There is also some Kart racing places there and you can go to Wonder Works which has a lazer tag and it's an indoor amusement park and Ripley's believe it or not is epically awesome (that's a museum) But yeah I highly suggest Bush Gardens (it's freaking amazing!)

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    I actually like Orlando, and visit there a at least once every other month. Its a nice city. There is alot to do, international drive, sea world, disney, titanic musuem, islands of advernture, universal studios. Orange drive at night is the place to be, all the bars and clubs with mostly college students.

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    Now, by 'colder than normal', they mean in the mid to high 60's up to the low 70's. Not cold at all unless you're a Floridian. (I'm one and all, but, pft. I've been in colder weather with my skivvies on.)

    As for things to do... Well, the Florida mall is usually packed around this time of year, but it's super fun and they have an entire M&M shop there. Seriously, m&m's in every colour you can imagine. And Gaylord Palms has a pretty nice ice sculpture thing that they do every year. Kinda expensive to get in, but it's Orlando. The NASA thing down in Cocoa is also quite nice, and so is Wonderworks. It really just depends on the kids, but if you really wanna take them somewhere, take them to Wonderworks. Seriously entertaining.

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