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    Does anyone else like Tranquility products? Quite a number of years ago I had ordered samples from the manufacturer's website and at the time I thought they were ok but didn't give them much of a second thought. Then some months back I bought a full case off of someone on craigslist for $10 and I really think they are much better than I remember them. They are thick but not so thick that I can't wear them comfortably with blue jeans or look like I have a complete diaper butt out in public. They also have good absorbency and this really nice thick crinkly plastic cover. I think they are my favorite thing in my stash right now.

    I'm in Starbucks right now wearing the above mentioned product and I feel awesome! Looking forward to my full day of holiday shopping ahead of me.

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    I'm not a fan of the pink interior lining, at least on the boosters I have. It's kinda scratchy, with the boosters though I can flip them upside down and the backing on them is pretty soft. Can't do that with the diaper though.

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    They were my first "favorite" diaper back in college. Before the ATN when they came in boxes rather than bags. 8 large diapers per box. My memory is that the original Slimline diaper was more absorbent and the padding came up higher in the front and back than even the current ATN.

    My only issue with them, other than relative absorbency, is that the narrow crotch causes issues with my anatomy. Specifically, the diaper swells up quite a lot and since it is narrow it pushes outward and creates gaps at the front of the leg openings. If the crotch was about 4 inches wider, creating a "pocket", I would probably use them for daytime on a regular basis.

    By the way, how are the tapes on them? They were horrible for so long that I stopped even considering them viable.

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    What is the shipping like from the manufacturer's website?

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    I'm a fan of them as that is what I usually wear. The tapes are fine in my opinion and they work for me for both day and night. I thnk they hold quite well.

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    i have never tried tranquility diapers, although i get a couple packages of the tranquility booster pads covered by my insurance along with the tena diaper brand i currently use. my only thought on the booster pads is they feel cheap to me. i have used other brands including bambino and those are typically thicker and more exorbitant. i cant complain though. i get all my stuff paid for....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunt View Post
    By the way, how are the tapes on them? They were horrible for so long that I stopped even considering them viable.
    I have no problem with the tapes. They don't tear out or become loose at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvanNibbler View Post
    What is the shipping like from the manufacturer's website?
    Unfortunately, it's been so long since I have ordered from them that I have no recollection of the packaging. Back then they had free samples but I think they charge now.

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    I buy the ATNs now and then, their a decent diaper at a cheep price. I like the plastic backing and they hold a fair amount of liquid, (better then CVS etc. but not as much as Abena or 24/7s). The tapes are an issue though. The normal first, (blue), tapes do not hold well so I toss them and use the printed white ones. Hey how often do you take off a diaper and put it back on anyway? So no problem onve you figure it out.

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    I use these diapers at night, and I have never had any real reason to complain. I have to agree with Nam though, the blue tapes have sticking issues, but the white tapes work well.

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    I used to pass by the factory on a daily basis. It just off the interstate between Bowling Green, Ohio, and Toledo. I'd tried their product some years ago and was not that impressed. I thought about stopping by the factory and seeing if they had an "outlet" store to give them another try.

    I have heard the ATNs are decent for the money.

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