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    Default hello everyone

    i'm an older DL almost retired and was an aircraft mechanic, (not working due to medical issues). as for hobbies i'd go flying if i could afford a powered parachute, maybe someday as they're not too expensive but i live in snow country so i'll settle for a snow mobile for now. i also enjoy sightseeing and visiting new places.
    i was an adisc member for a short time last year but quit coming due to a minor crisis ... now i can't remember what my old user name was but i enjoyed the posts so i'm back and pleased to see adisc is as i remember it.

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    Hi tongo!!! Welcome back to ADISC!!!

    I hope it's not snowing too hard in NY, because I've heard you guys already have 4 inches. Though that could just be a bad rumor. :/

    Anyway, have you ever skydived before? And what exactly do aircraft mechanics do?

    Take care!!!

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    hi StrawberryRaven and ty, i'm glad to be back

    it's not snowing much at all here, there's less than an inch on the ground, it's just reeeeeel cold ... does it snow where you are?

    i always swore i'd never sky dive but it's been looking like more fun lately, so maybe someday

    aircraft mechanics do what auto mechanics do just to very strict rules and parts are really expensive cuz they have to be tested and made just so

    thanks for asking and the nice welcome ..... u take care too

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