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Thread: Food poisioning, the most horrible experience of my life

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    Unhappy Food poisioning, the most horrible experience of my life

    So yesterday about noon I had some chicken I got from the Kroger hot foods section. I ate it for lunch at noon, and everything was fine. I went into work about four to fix something, and still felt normal. I came home at five, and started to get really bad stomach cramps. I ended up in the fetal position for about twenty minutes, then all hell broke loose. I won't go into details, but I am cleaned out to say the least...

    It was so bad I couldn't even keep water in my system. This part was torture, because I was so thirsty. It got to be about midnight before I could drink water again. I ended up being able to only sleep on my back, because it would hurt to bad to sleep on my sides. About five am my stomach stopped hurting, so I was able to change sleeping positions. I woke back up at seven to call my boss and let her know what happened, and that I would be in a noon.

    I got back up at 8:30, because I have a 10 page paper to finish. And here I am. I feel good now, just feeling the affects of a bad night's sleep, and dehydration.

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    That sure was a horrible experience! As I've mentioned in other topics dealing with food purchased out, people handling and preparing it need to be responsible enough to know how to do it properly. Food poisoning caused by mishandling can't be taken lightly! You were fortunate enough to be able to hydrate yourself before the situation required hospitalization, but for an elderly person the experience could have had deadly consequences. Glad you're recouperating OK today and feeling better inside.

    It's been many years since I had a similar experience. Some friends of mine and I were taking a trip to visit other friends living near the VA/NC border. We were traveling late at night and stopped at a Richmond drug store having a lunch counter to get a bite to eat. I bought a large hamburger which wasn't hitting my stomach too well after only eating half of it. Leaving there and traveling on south for about an hour, my insides were getting more distressed by the mile. Anyone familiar with VA south of the Richmond area knows there is absolutely nowhere to stop in that kind of situation late at night. Even in the daytime, rest stops are few and far between. Let's just say it took every bit of inner strength I could muster to keep from having an accident in the car before we arrived at our friends house. Yeah, food borne illnesses are no fun at all.


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    I've had food poisoning on several occasions, and yeah, that's about how it goes. Good to hear you're ok.

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    Glad to hear your feeling better. Try to have some yogurt or take some probiotics if you have the chance. Usually after a case of food poisoning and the emptying that accompanies it your intestinal bacteria are all out of whack.

    Try to take it easy with work if you can and make sure you get some extra rest to recover.

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    I think I might have got a slight case of that yesterday. It's definitely a nasty thing.

    I hope you don't have any reoccurrences.

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    Been there done that. In 1997, I was at a party with some friends and I got sick on some shellfish. I was the only one at the party who got sick on it- Did some questioning after I felt better.

    I felt fine for a while but a few hours later- BAM! What I went through was similar to what you went through, Powderhair. The irony of the whole thing was that it was the first time I'd ever had shellfish in my life and I liked it. When I was growing up, we never had it because my father is allergic, and so is my sister.

    It was not fun, so I feel your pain. I couldn't keep anything down, I barely made it to the bathroom a few times and UGH- lets just say thank God at that time I was in diapers.


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    Have never had food poisoning *knock on wood* but hope you feel better!

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    I remember when the chili I had bought from Sam's Club. Hit me in 2 hours with food poisoning. A few days later I get a call from the store with them telling me there was salmonella going about on their products. Ever since, I've had a major loss of appetite for chili.

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    I'm hearing you I had much the same experience with chicken as well. I now cremate it to within an inch of its life when I cook it.

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