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Thread: What is worst??

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    Default What is worst??

    What is worst caught with dprs and *b/dl stuff or someone finding out about u on this site??

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    Ummm..... Neither?

    I guess it really depends on who finds out about what.

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    I dunno, but shouldn't the title be "What is Worse?" not "what is worst??"

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    Getting caught in diapers would be waaaaaayyyyy worse. At least if you get caught on here there is a better chance of coming up with a believable excuse, but if you're lying there in a diaper and a paci... well, not much to say at that point.

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    My friend found that I was on the site because he's always doing that kind of stuff about people and I guess I didn't cover my tracks somewhere. He has found much worse about other people so he didn't seem to care.... :|

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    I guess caught with diapers/abdl stuff would be worst. With the site, at least you were not caught in the act.

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    What's worse: Bastardizing the English language or using the backspace key every once and a while?

    To be honest, someone finding me on here would be hard. But...I'm a decent lier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzy View Post
    To be honest, someone finding me on here would be hard. But...I'm a decent lier.
    Time to take out the first part of your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Time to take out the first part of your post.
    Hardly. Although I've got no idea why my spell checker didn't catch it. I make spelling mistakes, but I typically don't completely disregard the red squiggly lines. This dude is obviously refusing to adhere to our strict "Use your god damn backspace key" standards. We should burn him.

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    Butterfly Mage


    When I was a teen, my best friend caught me wearing diapers. That sucked a lot more than if anyone found out about my membership on a fetish site.

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