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Thread: Finals Week - Time for Celebration or Depression?

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    Default Finals Week - Time for Celebration or Depression?

    Just finished taken a final exam for a university course. It has been quite a few years (well over a decade) since I finished college, but I am now taking some additional courses and just finished my last final for this semester. Yahoo!! (no, I'm not talking internet yahoo)

    I had forgotten how crazy finals week can be. I thought it might be interesting to post a thread about peoples experiences with finals week and whether or not diapers or other AB activities are involved?

    For me, its been just too busy trying to study, but now its time to celebrate! I'm thinking abriform, binky, teddy bear and cuddling up for a good nights sleep and some needed rest. Time to leave the adult side of things away for a while.

    Anybody have other experiences or thoughts?

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    Ha! You beat me to posting this actually.

    For me, this finals week is a pretty good one so far. I am currently half-way through, with 2 finals down and 2 to go. I'm doing pretty well so far. My first final ended up being a relatively easy A, keeping my grade in the class at a solid A. My second final was about a B+, which boosted my grade to a C (horrible for me typically, but that was a *very* difficult class that few are able to pass). So, just two more left to go, both of which are in classes where I am doing fairly well and don't have many particular anxieties about.

    The best part is that I am finally starting to feel the stress leave me. Typically it takes me until after all the classes are over before I even start to feel relaxed, but this time it's starting to happen even earlier . I am now left to work on things I haven't been able to do all semester, like clean my room and work on my websites .

    Thanks for posting the topic!

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    I keep getting woken up because I dream I failed a final. SHEESH

    I got grades good enough to keep my lamer Bs because they weren't going to go up to As. Hurray!

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    I have/had three finals this week: physics, computer science, and math.

    Well, my physics professor posted the grades for the final exam and I got about a 73% on it. However, an A- in the class is an 80% and an A is 85%. While I'm not terribly pleased about the low grade, my previous exam scores together with my homework scores should give me an A-.

    I'm not sure what my second final will be yet, as I took it today and grades probably will not be posted until either tomorrow or Thursday. I think I did pretty well on it. The final percentages have been set, so I can't say for sure what my grade will be.

    My math exam is not until Thursday...I'm hovering just barely around the line between a B+ and an A-. If I do well on this, I can possibly make it an A. I'm rather nervous, though, as the tests in this class have been major pains.

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    its a good week for me just because I can get this crap year over with and do better next semester. think i got overwhelmed with new school and all and fucked up some classes. But know now what not to do, so should be in good shape next semester (i hope). One of my classes I might squeak out as 40% of the grade is participation (I participated a ton in class, but missed a test (thanks java), and a couple assignments). My lecture class I should do well in I think, have done decent on the tests so far (that one is tomorrow). Then have 2 on Thursday for classes I pretty much failed already so meh. One is a map test I won't remember anything on probably, so going to tank that.

    Also failed my lab, as I couldn't get the book for weeks, and then just gave up on going :/.

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    I had assignments due in and Exams this week and last week, its been tough as usual but nothing getting padded and watching some ORIGINAL Fireman Sam and Thunderbirds can't sort out hehe.

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    Personally I hate finals week. It seems like there just there to screw up your grade in most cases. This week I hope I did pretty good on my finals cause my grades are crap for me because I broke both my legs this semester and missed like a month of some classes. Hopefully I can pull out a 3.75 with the help of some super A's in my ap classes. Then I can relax and get more padding for my stash!

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    I always hate finals week. But luckily for me, I'm all done and can now relax.

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    Finals have been brutal on me. Long nights of memorization and repitition. I should he done by the end of the week and get some indulging by the weekend. Well earned!

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    I don't really have finals, but this is the last week for me in classes. I'll be so glad to finish the final projects for class and be out of school for the holidays.

    Best of luck to those who are still taking their finals, though. I know it can be a rough time!

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