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Thread: Hey everyone :D

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    Default Hey everyone :D

    Hi Everyone

    I discovered this site a few months ago and decided now was the time to contribute myself. My interest in diapers only really started early in my teenage years, not sure why or how, it just seemed to appear and has stuck with me ever since.

    I only wear drynites at night but never wear during the day.

    About me, well I'm 19, live in the UK, currently in my last year at college in Southampton taking my A-Level Geography course and Travel & Tourism course which I am enjoying as well as doing a few part time jobs here and there.

    I am Football (soccer) mad and it plays a big part of my life, as well as being an avid songwriter. I enjoy the odd go on the PS3 and like to travel a lot too.

    Hope to get to know some of you and look forward to contributing to the site in the future.

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    Smile Welcome to ADISC.

    Welcome GullsLad to ADISC from Australia, JohnyABinAUS here.

    Glad that you decided to join as a member after checking us out over the last few months.

    As for me, my love of nappies (or diapers) started from my earliest memories, that and a love of wearing female clothes. In real life, some of my main interests are history, science and astronomy.

    We do not want to talk too much about soccer here down under at this time, as we just wasted $45 million Australian tax payer dollars on a 2022 World Cup Bid (note this was before the Aussi Oprah visit), all for one vote.

    Anyway which team do you support? And how are things in Southampton? I hope your geography and tourism studies, go well.

    I have found this to be a very friendly site, enjoy your time here.

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    Hi JohnyABinAUS, thanks for the welcome

    I am a mad supporter of Torquay United, nicknamed the Gulls (which is where the name GullsLad comes from) who are a small team playing in League Two , three divisions below the Premier League, although I don't expect to see us in the Premier League in my lifetime!!

    I must say I was surprised to see Australia miss out on the World Cup, although living in England we didn't get the best of luck either from FIFA.

    Studies are going fine, I stay on the college campus in Southampton during the week and stay at home on the weekends, got a few exams I've got to prepare for in January so I've got lots of revision to do over the christmas break.

    I never really did well in Science or History at school, never really understood science but do take an interest in astronomy every now and then. Love looking at the stars and planets when the weathers nice!!

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    You are more than welcome GullsLad, we have all heard of Torquay that’s for sure. Thanks for the explanation on your membership name.

    I had mixed feelings about the 2022 World Cup bid. Newcastle NSW was going to be one of the venues if Australia had been chosen and I was a little concerned over the impact locally. I am not a big football fan, but it would have been good for the Aussis that are.

    I found it hard to revise for exams over a break when I was a student years ago. The best of luck to you.

    I never studied History at school, maybe that is part of the reason I am liking it more as I age.

    A very merry Christmas to you! See ya.

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