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Thread: What nuts do you go... nuts for?

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    Default What nuts do you go... nuts for?

    Recently I tried pistachios again and pretty much fell in love with them on the spot. I recall not liking them at age 10 or 11, but god now they are great. So far my favorite nuts are: Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews and Peanuts. (Also sunflower seeds, even though they aren't nuts.)

    So what are your favorite kind of nuts?
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    Peanuts, gotta love em. Not too salty, though.
    Walnuts are one of those occasional ones for me, not too often but once in a while.
    And lastly almonds, especially in chocolate bars. (Yum!)
    Never had pistachios, might have to try 'em sometime.

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    Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and honey roasted peanuts. Oh! And peanut butter, too! (I'm kind of partial to the crunchy kind...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxas View Post
    Never had pistachios, might have to try 'em sometime.
    To me they seem a bit like a cross between a peanut and a cashew.

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    One word. Peanuts. They're the bomb. Besides cashews that is.

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    I never really got into cashews. Somehow they taste a bit bitter to me....Prolly just me, though.

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    Peanuts and coconuts, because they are the only one that I know I'm allowed to eat (stupid nut allergy -_-). I used to LOVE eating chocolate-covered almonds, too, but alas I have not eaten any in nearly five years now.

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    yuck I hate nuts but their is a pair of nuts that I actually like ;P

    but I do like peanuts they are pretty good honey roasted or just classic salty peanuts

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    I love pecans. They're so expensive, though, but oh, I love them. Especially in pies...which are pretty much made of sugar and pecans.

    I also like peanuts (especially salted in their shells!), walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts. Not very many people seem to like brazil nuts though.

    I really don't like Hazelnuts much though. Which is bad because people kept pestering me about them. They were like "Eat this Hazelnut chocolate!" or "Drink this Hazelnut coffee!" and I was like "Ew. No."

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    Peanuts aren't nuts, but rather legumes.

    I'm partial to cashews and pistachios, though.

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