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Thread: How to make baby wipes.

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    Cool How to make baby wipes.

    Hey all id like to share this with you all and i hope this helps. ^^
    Baby wipes can be expensive if you got to keep going out and buying them am i right? Some just turn to using wash cloths or even the shower trick. But you can make your own baby wipes.

    What you will need to make them.

    1: A container to hold them in. This could be a baby wipe container or just a normal container you have around the house.

    2: Paper towels - Its best to have thick ones not thin ones. Example Bounty is good for this.

    3: 1 tablespoon Mineral Oil (optional you don't need to have mineral just helps)

    4: 1 tablespoon Baby shampoo or shampoo or your choice.

    5: Knife or other cutting tool.

    6: Measuring cup and a tablespoon

    7: Pair of pliers

    This all seems a lot of supplies to make them but its not. This will also save you money.

    First you need to take your knife or cutting tool and cut the paper towels in half i suggest a big kitchen knife. After you have done that remove the cardboard center in the paper towel half with the pliers or your hand. Now take the half and put it in the holder you choose i suggest you unfold it and fold it back up in the container like the store brought wipes are that way you get better wipes. Next gill measuring cup 3/4 full of water. Then add 1 tablespoon Mineral Oil and 1 tablespoon Baby shampoo or shampoo or your choice in measuring cup with the water. Its best to mix it first before pouring it over the towels. After its mixed pour it over the towels and let it sit in the container. Their you go baby wipes homemade. They save you money or you just cat get to the store. When you run out just repeat the process with the other half. Hope this helps. ^^
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    Might wanna clear somethings up: Maybe put in numbered step form? But also, do the towels actually last long or do they start to dissolve? Anyway, I have some real ones, but i certainly will try this! Great tip!

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    As far as i know i have been doing this for when i cant get to the store and they work well they last a while. If you have thicker ones they last a long time and i haven't had mine dissolve yet.

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    Cool! Nice tips! (though i know there are already instructions on the how-to Wiki...)

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    Yeah i know but i thought i might as well post the way i was taught on here to maybe help others.

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    Ok, i see. It is a little different from the posted ones (i was just maing a random comment earlier lol )

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    XD silly. But yes this does work well if you don't have much money etc.

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    yup! Plus, no real odd ingredients needed (out of the normal ingredients i mean. lol) Plus, heck, it's free (pretty much)! Any other homemade things you have?

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    I got a lot more to be honest. From to makeing binki,babyfood,cloth diaper etc. It does seem a lot of stuff to make them but you do save money XD

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    Heh, maybe you should post some onto a "homemade" thread...idk xD

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