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    can people in canada buy Catheters legally ?

    I've read about them being sold to the public but the stores aren't in Canada

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    buy them online.
    it's not illegal to buy stuff online that you can't easily get in store.
    these are not murder weapons and are not illegal.
    i bought some from ebay without a problem. Australia has the worst most strict customs anywhere and i got them without a problem.

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    I wouldn't do that. A catheter is a medical device, and without proper training, you could really hurt yourself. Am I the only one that sees the danger here? It's a fucking tube that you stick up your johnson. ::shudders::

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    I don't trust catheter either... unless your trained and comfortable with the idea. I may be a masochist, and even sounding is a tad alluring, but a catheter seems, well, a bit much.

    All I gonna say is be cautious, and be sure to do your homework on it. ^_^;

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    I don't think sticking a tube up your penis is a good idea to begin with. In addition, we don't want to give the minors any stupid ideas on how to injure themselves. As such, I'm closing this thread before it creates any (more) damage. Please make sure you read and understand our Rules, which says that you should not promote dangerous behavior, and administering medical instruments without a medical degree is really dangerous.


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