For a number of reasons (comfort and ease of use being at the head of the list) I am interested in a pair of velcro fastening waterproof pants. Would like them to be made with the PUL fabric that is so popular in pocket diapers, etc.

Anyone know of a custom diaper maker who could do such a thing or, better yet, know of a company that already offers this?

Ideally it would be like the Japanese Nikki covers I used to have (they were great, just not offered in the USA anymore assuming they are even around at all). Much like the Tena Flex of Abena Abri-Wing, the pant has a velcro belt that fastens around the waist then the center pulls up between the legs, covering the diaper, then attaches by velcro to the already fastened waist.

I used to use my Nikki with Attends pads and the combo was comfortable and secure.

Appreciate any input.....incidentally I am in the US and want to avoid overseas shipping charges in any case.