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Thread: Oprah Over the Top Down Under

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    Question Oprah Over the Top Down Under

    (If in a hurry, please see question at the bottom).

    Meanwhile in Australia, a TV talk show host from the USA has started recording the first of two shows, the first starting (at the time of writing this it is 11am), at 10:00am Eastern Coast Daylight Saving Time. The second show starting at 5pm, both shows are on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. (Today is Tuesday the 14th of December 2010).

    The media are all over the top about Oprah’s visit and any added advantage to increasing tourism to Australia. I know little about her having never seen an entire show, but they are saying things like – most popular USA talk show host – 49 million American viewers – show transmitted to 145 counties around the world (they cannot all have English as a first language) – etc. etc.

    But despite all the hype our two main barriers to international tourism remain; cost and distance. Our dollar is almost the same value as the American Dollar and when you get here the distances are vast. Today there is a couple in the Oprah’s audience that have gotten on the four-hour flight from Perth Western Australia to Sydney, just because they won some tickets in a ballot. (I hope it is worth it). If you could not book a plane the road trip is over 4,000 kilometers or 2,500 miles to drive (I know I have done it in just under 60 hours). This is a large country with only 22 million citizens.

    Question for all my fellow members (not Aussis and New Zealanders of course).
    Would you come all the way to Australia as a result of seeing an Sydney Opera House edition of the Oprah Show?

    Additional: If you can tell me; how often does Oprah take her show overseas? Is she soon to retire?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and any replies are appreciated.

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    * sigh *

    Sometimes, I wonder about Oprah's more fanatical followers.

    Anybody who flies all the way to the Sydney Opera House just to see Oprah there? I would consider them to be a part of a cult where Oprah is the ringleader.

    I can't really bitch about it too much. If I had the money, I would love to follow the Dave Matthews Band all around the country one of these summers. Guess I'm not much better in that respect.

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    Thanks for replying KaworuVsDrWily yes I feel you would have to be real rich cult follower to do that.
    I am not trying to knock Oprah or belittle her fans, I just wonder about the true benefit of her visit, to Australian tourism. After all the media would never exaggerate a story would they? And by the way, I am not employed in the tourism industry.

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    Oprah is extremely popular in North America. She runs her own media empire with her own TV station, radio station, magazines, books, movies, shows, specials, charities, etc... It's estimated that her endorsement of a Presidental canditate will earn them 1 million votes. She's a multi-billionaire, and the first black female billionaire. If she endorses a book through her book club, it will instantly become a best seller. She's a big deal in North America, though not everyone likes her. One of her trademarks is the TV confessional atmosphere, where people air their emotional weaknesses and problems publicly. It sells because many people like to feel empathetic, but only through the comfort of television.

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    Thank you Incomplete Dude that gives me a little more background information. She sure sounds very successful. I hope she is also happy. Oh and to answer your philosopher's question; without doubt or hesitation, AB.

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