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    just thought id share this little bit of new about what i been up too i recently met a new girlfreind after being freinds with her for about a year so a few weeks ago i decided to tell her that i like to see ladies with pads in their knickers the thicker the better which was awkward for me to do however when i told her she turned to me and said ive got one on now and to my surprise she was toatally fine with it so i left it at that for another few weeks.After this time i decided to drop the big one on her and told her about my diaper(nappy)life and again she was totally understanding we ended up house sitting for her mam and her boyfreind which give me a chance to wear in front of her i slipped into one after work in the toilets walked to the house with her she said she could use the toilet so i said you should just wear one of theese then showed off the waste band got in the house and after she had made it clear to me she had a pad on i had a gd nite wi her couldnt believe my luck i havnt wet or messed in front of her dont wanna push me luck like,anyway just thought id share this with u all stay padded

    ps sorry for any spelling errors

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    Uh... What?.. Your post count is 2.. Sorry.. Can't believe this.. For such a low post count, it kinda makes it seem a little far-fetched.. New people tend to make up stories like this a lot.

    On the other hand, if the story is true, then grats

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    ye i can see what u mean by tht i am new to this forum but havnt been on much just had to get new computer me other laptop packed in i have been into diapers for about 4 years now bu i assure every this is not made up sounds it i know and sometimes i think its is myself.

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    Ummm... sorry; I can't understand a word you said dude. (Not trying to be a dick, I really can't)

    EDIT : Oh, and also, can someone answer me this question...

    Why in the hell are people from the UK getting worse at English in comparison to the USA and Canada as of late? Really, I keep seeing more North Americans with great grammar in comparison to you UK fellas. It's really a conundrum X_X

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    Welcome to ADISC Paddedbum! Glad to have you aboard. I can only hope the attacks on your spelling doesn't scare you off from enjoying your time here. Just remember the rules and play safe.

    I'm really glad to hear that you are doing well with your lady friend, I hope it goes well, and I think you have chosen the right way by not pushing too much at once. Good Luck! Keep us updated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddedbum View Post
    I just thought I would share this little bit of news about what I've been up too. I recently [entered into a relationship with] a new girlfriend. We had been friends for around four years, so a few weeks ago I decided to tell her that I like to see ladies with pads (the meaning is ambiguous) in there knickers. The thicker [the padding] the better. [Telling all that] was rather awkward (obviously) for me, but [when I was done talking] she turned to me and said "I'm wearing [a pad] right now", and to my surprise she was totally fine with [my fantasy of seeing women wearing "padding" in there knickers]. For a few weeks we left it at that, but then I decided to tell her about my diaper life, and once again she was very understanding. [For some totally unexplained reason, some arbitrary unit of time later] we looked after for her mom and her (mom's?) boyfriend, which game me the change to wear [some unnamed article of clothing] in front of her. I slipped a [the unidentified article of clothing] on after work [presumably at some bathroom situated between where you work and where you live] and walked to the house [who's house, anyway?] with her [she was with you?]. During our walk, she said that she could use the toilet [what?], which prompted me to say "you should wear one of these" while showing the waste-band of the [unidentified piece of clothing I was wearing]. Once we arrived to the house, she made it clear that she was wearing a "pad" [how is that uncommon for a women?]. I had a [goodnite?] [...] I was really lucky I hadn't yet messed or wet since I really didn't want to push my luck with her. Anyway, I just tough I'd share this with you. Stay padded!

    ps sorry for any spelling errors
    It took me quite a bit of time to decipher your message. I hope that what I posted above maintains the spirit of what you've written originally. It is essentially my understanding of your original post.

    Now, what follows is written in good faith, and it assumes that your original post was in good faith as well. Also please note that I'm telling you the following as a fellow member, not as someone with any form of authority: you can chose to take it or leave it.
    First of all, I'm afraid to say that the English you used in your post was borderline unreadable. When I say I had to decipher what you wrote, its not an exaggeration. The good folks here will not get on your case for the occasional spelling mistake, but please, please use punctuation at the very least!
    Secondly, I am afraid to say that many people here will have a lot of difficulty believing your story. I'm not trying to say that you're lying, just that the way you barge in and start telling us this unlikely story is very bad for your credibility. My advice? Get to know the people here and build a reputation before talking about your more unlikely experiences.
    Thirdly, there where quite a few details (that I have outlined in my retelling of your original post) that are rather unclear.
    And finally, I would consider getting a user-name change if I where you. Your current user-name doesn't tell us anything unique about you as a person. As much as I shouldn't use "Near" as a user-name in a Death Note board, you probably shouldn't use "paddedbum" on an ABDL board.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself here. I hope I didn't come across as rude or authoritative, I'm just trying to help you out here.

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