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    Hey everyone I decide to start new web site for you all and I hope the mods will sticky it when done I know how hard it is to find free diaper sample. So i figure I would Make site that handle diaper sample for free links to them.So what it done it will have submit forum for link and reviews on diaper with photo option and complete list AB clothes site and cloth diaper site too.

    What do you all think would you all like for detail site on link and reviews on diaper people try and like or dislike about them. I'll make sure it up to date each we or when new sample or reviews i sumbited.

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    I don't think it's really necessary since we already have this topic, that is a sticky.

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    Well just idea i'm web designer as side hobby so figure I could make site but if think it not worth it ok but figure it would save you from digging for free samples on the current sticky.

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    I would say "why not?" I'm a part-time web designer too, and you should know that no matter how many times an idea has been done, something can always be improved by someone with a bit of time and their own personal touch. If you have the time to do this, go for it! I would. Besides sometimes the "sticky" stuff is out dated and it would be nice to have a "central location" with updated links.
    Keep us updated and you can PM me if you get stuck with some code etc. I can always help when I can.

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