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    I thought about posting this in the samples thread but this just felt right posting it here.

    So I'm thinking while I'm home from school for winter break I could take the plunge and order some bambinos. I need to take delivery of them fast as break begins saturday. I was interested in getting a sample of all three types. But I have a question before I order.

    1. I know the cases of bambinos are discrete but how about the sample packaging? Is it a small box? A large envelope?

    I receive mail at a post office PO Box, will that alter the shipping packaging? or speed? If I opt for priority mail will that alter the shipping packaging?

    Long story short, I'm a little paranoid about discretion...

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    Relax, it's a padded brown envelope. Unless someone tears it open there's no way to figure out what's inside.

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    Okay I have been ordering from them fir a little bit. Sample packages only. It is nothing more than a brown box. Inside, will be the diapers in clear plastic ziplock bags. Nobody can tell what so ever. I get my mail from the PO Box also, AND it has to ship through customs which requires a form. Unless the person opens the box, no one will know. I will post pictures if you want the packaging it comes in.

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