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Thread: Hello Forum members =)

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    Default Hello Forum members =)

    My name is Joe and I am nineteen years old. I have been an TB for years and have started to get back into it. I met the girl of my dreams and she happens to have the same TB fetish as me and I am so happy and grateful for it =). Some of my hobbies include video games, music, computers, hanging out with friends, movies, anime, and anything else interesting. Feel free to friend me because I am a very nice person and would enjoy meeting new people.

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    Welcome to the site. You're quite lucky to have met a girl who shares the same thing. I hope you enjoy the site as we are a diverse group who discuss a lot of topics.

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    Hey Drago.

    Welcome to ADISC. Quite a few of us here like anime (my user-name might be a giveaway) and video-games. Any particular anime you like? What about games?
    If I might ask, where does your user-name come from? A general love of dragons or something more specific?

    Anyway, we're in no shortage of nice people here so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself. Hope to see you around.

    Edit: I concur with Dogboy, we're a diverse bunch indeed ^^.

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    Welcome to the site dude. What kind of videogames you like to play?

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    I am very surprised at how many people responded to my thread so quickly. It's very nice to see so many nice people on here =) And I am very lucky to have met her in general. It is very hard finding anyone these days with so many things in common especially my fetish. She is my everything and I try my absolute best for her. As for video games I enjoy more of the role playing or fighting game genre but love any video game that is fun. Some of my favorite video games include Final Fantasy VII and IX, brave fencer musashi, kingdom hearts, many of the mega man games, All of the pokemon games (silver and gold are my favorites) and many more . As for anime I enjoy Dragon ball Z, FLCL, chobits, Cowboy bebop, Tenchi muyo, Gurren lagann, Pokemon, Digimon, Welcome to the NHK, Comic party, and quite a bit more. I haven't watched as much anime these days lately though because of school and work. Luckily again my girlfriend enjoys anime too and we end up watching some together mostly movies so far pretty often. And as for the name "Dragonite" it is the name of a pokemon that I really like which I will upload a picture of for my icon on my profile. Thank you very much for responding and you are all free to add me as a friend =)

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