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Thread: leaving for good

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    Default leaving for good

    I decide to leave the forum i be long becuase of my grammar and spelling problem I try ever option but nothing work so think it for the best. I feel if no one can understand what tpe there no reason to belong to community at all.

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    I did I buy it the home version but if look at my story I try the voice type did somone said it still hard to read.

    Twist in my life. Chapter 1
    You life can be funny you never know the way it's going to turn out the way things happen. Like my life is not really a normal teenager I'm 16 my name Kyle Dagan or should I say two now because I'm sitting here in a diaper watching cartoons like a normal person my age I guess I'm jumping ahead of myself maybe start from the beginning how this happened to me like a semi-name Kyle Dagan am 16-year-old or you can say not or you could say not or should is the a mental disability choir to my doctor to mom the mental mind. I only have is a 12-year-old when I was born I was just like any normal baby smile and happy. But what happened to me change my life forever. When I was three years old or two I had it bad seizure that put me in a coma for 24 hours straight my parents told me what left me what my mental mind. I have today and that learning disability for the rest of my life. I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I'm average weight and height I look like my dad but for my mom says I get my good looks but I don't see it. I got Brown hair brown eyes I like to dress like rappers you see on TV with the baggy pants and long T-shirts I got a little gold chain. Would've $around my neck to figure dress in this way make me look cooler to my friends and peers in school. So there you have it. That's me and you would think of from a broken home bad parents aren't messed up family the way I look but am not I got good parents that love me very much. I feel like they don't seen understand me very much my dad Chad Dagan is a police officer for the Chicago PD and my mom Charlotte. She works at a bakery called just little piece that heaven down the road from my house. They got some delicious pastries. I love an owner always gives me a discount. My mom works there and I guess I should tell you about how all this happened to me. It all started with me my boy Nathan Andrews just chilling around my neighborhood. So one day we decided be cool just the graffiti on some walls on an old abandoned building boy was I wrong. First I heard the sirens, Nathan says run it the cops before I know it there patrol car pulling up flashing lights and me sit near Holden the evidence for may so call friend fled the scene. Boy was I wrong about him and offer stepped out flash and the light in the dark at me and all I hear is Kyle is that you just my luck standing in front of me was my dad's partner officer Douglas, a 6 foot tall, muscular look in man with a mustache and deep voice staring at me in the dark cold alley with me holding a can of spray paint caught in hand feel like a deer caught in the front of headlights. Douglas stairs at me speak in a deep voice Kyle gets over here. He grabs the spray can from my hand. Son is you stupid you should know better your fathers a police officer and you're out here sprain on a wall. I should charge you would damage up for private property. I think I'll it's your father handle this one. Now get in that backseat and buckle up I'm taking you home all the way home I hear officer Douglas lecture and me saying how stupid I was and what did he think I was going to get away with it. I felt like I was being lead to my execution. I knew once I got home and my father I might as well dish dug a hole for myself and buried myself alive. We pulled up at my house officer Douglas opens the back of the patrol car door and lets me out and he walks behind me up to my front door where he knocks and my mother answers the door. She says hi Douglas, which seems to bring you here tonight Charlotte. We have a little problem. I caught your son graffiti in the wall downtown tonight. I could've arrested him but I figured you two could handle it better than I can. I hear Kyle Dagan get your but up to that room now and I don't want to hear another word from you fine mom.

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    Butterfly Mage


    As usual, another "leaving" thread in which the OP keeps posting.

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    Sounds a little like I'm quitn but I need the money. Statement.

    But really its no big deal.

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    It is lot of money 299.99 but if work for you all to understand and other it well worth it plus bought it already so mine as well use it. I gues I got little over board on leave on something so stupid as spelling and grammar it just I was think being on forum you want other to understand you know matter what you type.

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    Ok thank now know it lease working it not cheap program but it work it like said if it working.

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    Babylife, those of us who have been on the site for a longer time know you and accept you. We are a family and you are part of that family. If you want to leave because you are getting nothing out of the site, that certainly is your choice. But if you feel like you should leave because of your disability, don't let that discourage you. None of us are perfect, and if we were, we wouldn't be here on this site. It's important for all of us to remember that adisc is first a support site. Everything else follows.

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    Hi Babylife. Please don't leave the forum just because of your disability. I can understand you. And I can take the time to understand. I have an older brother with a learning disability. So I can understand.

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