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    Okay so I suck at introducing myself but here goes.

    I'm 28 and a bed wetter. I generally only wear during that time. Some of my friends believed I needed to get out more and talk to other people with similar issues but also talk to some who do it for enjoyment as to find enjoyment in my predicament. I understand they are trying to help me. I am also a furry and have changed my fursona to a babyfur. I am becoming more comfortable with this side of me and finding it has helped. So hopefully I find and make some more friends who won't judge me for wearing here also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlinu View Post
    Okay so I suck at introducing myself but here goes.
    Not much wrong with that introduction

    Welcome to ADISC! Believe it or not, bed wetting is pretty common. A lot of people on this site are bed wetters. I'm sure you'll be able to meet some of them and have a chat. That's cute that your fursona turned to a babyfur

    We'd like to get to know you. Can you tell us more about your non-DL/BF interests? What are some hobbies/interests you have? What kind of work are you doing? How did you find ADISC?

    I look forward to reading those extra posts you've written!

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    My non dl/bf interests are reading fantasy novels, writing fantasy novels, playing fps games such as bioshock, fallout, etc. I fix fighter jets as my job and I soon will be moving to uav's. Currently I'm working on planning out a video game.

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