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Thread: Upload Clips? but to where?

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    Default Upload Clips? but to where?

    I WAS going to make another youtube acount, one under the name of Mr.Kitty, but the Down Grades of YouTube says that now when you make an account you have to activate it using a Cell Phone, yaay SO FUN!!

    I do not have a cell phone, nor would if I did, would I ever want to use it, (the Cancer part of the phone is a bit a turn off to me)

    So my question to you is, do you know of where I can upload videos for free under My nickname name that would offer a decent amout of traffic?

    Im hopfully going to start my Animation soon (the actual animating part), the one I talk about putting out there, about teen baby/adult baby (and possibly toss in some furry stuff :3) BUT in the good way (not like the dumb *&^#% CSI and %&@! heads alike on TV). When that is finished I would like for people to view and watch the series online somewhere.

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    Newer cellular phones don't contain any carcinogens...
    The really older and bigger ones from like 10 years ago do....
    I suggest you you simply buy a modern cell phone...
    They have some for like $20...

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    its not the carcinogens
    its the radio frequency, all cellphones use a radio frequency, and that is what can cause cancer on newer cellphones

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    We interrupt this thread for an extremely frustrated rant.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrKittyKat View Post
    its not the carcinogens
    its the radio frequency, all cellphones use a radio frequency, and that is what can cause cancer on newer cellphones
    Yea, and Bill Gates is going to send me a big fat check because I forwarded his e-mail to so many people.

    Getting cancer from cellphones is a myth which has been repudiated multiple times over. This is old news. The only reason people still think they're getting cancer from cellphones is because people repeat this crap without bothering to take five minutes to make sure it isn't a load of crap.

    National Cancer Institute: International Study Shows No Increased Risk of Brain Tumors from Cell Phone Use

    American Cancer Society: Most studies done in the lab have supported this theory, finding that RF waves do not cause DNA damage.

    Thank you. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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    Why would you need to use a cell phone to sign up for an internet account. That just seems strange. Could you borrow someone's?

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    Supposedly, Google needs to "verify" the account. The cynical side of me says it is so Google can gather more data on us for advertising purposes.'s the help section with answers to what to do if you do not have a cell phone:

    Account verification via SMS or voice call : Basics - Accounts Help

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