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  • I can learn from my financial mistakes. Bad in past, better now.

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  • My credit is astronomically high! I have a rating of 900!

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Thread: Handling the dough.

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    Default Handling the dough.

    I'm not expecting anybody to get into the grisly details of their financial lives.

    Just a simple poll.

    How well do you handle your finances?

    My answer to that question is simple - if I did not have a protected payee handling my money for me, I would be in complete and utter financial ruin. That simple.

    Here's to hoping the situation is better for everybody else here!

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    learned alot of responsibility and money managment skills over the last 10 years. went from 30k student loan dept and garnishee's to good credit, positive cash flow, and actually having savings.

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    Pretty good actually, and that's tough for me as I'm a self employed 1099 person, not a W-2 employee with a regular paycheck. Some weeks I can make nothing, some weeks I can make a lot. Thankfully the weeks where I make none are few and far between. I don't necessarily spend more than I make, I have a healthy savings account. Of the three vehicles I own, only the newest one do I owe any money on, and even at that it's not overbearing. I pay my bills on time and have money left over for some fun. Also, I was able to buy a house and put a healthy down payment on it as well and even with that expense and all the money I've put into the place since then I'm still fine.

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    Well, I'm not exactly drowning in money, being an university student and all. That being said, I am actually in a pretty decent financial situation for someone my age (I live with my parents, who don't charge me any living expenses because they are just that nice and/or not financially savvy). Actually, my parents also got me an RESP when I was still a toddler. So, all that combined with the fact that I work co-op jobs every other semester means that, unless I royally f*** up my personal finances, I'll be out of University debt free (I might be able to save enough to finance a good part of my law degree, if I decide/am able to go that route).

    The only regular bill I have is my cellphone bill, and the only financial responsibility I have outside of that is a credit card (with a 500$ limit that I had to guarantee with 600$ of my own money -_-. Essentially a credit card where I get to borrow my own cash from the bank. Brilliant, eh? Best part is: I get 1% interest on the money I put down, they get 20% interest on the stuff I buy). Since the interest on my card is so stupidly high I have to make sure to be right on top of it, so I pay my balance at least once every two weeks. But ya, that's about the to which I need to worry about money right now.

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    I handle meh, I mainly need to go find a job and probably be fine, not really that high in debt, just overspent some months and thus struggling at times to get my debt fully paid down. its such a small amount, and i make sure to pay on it every month. So I guess I'm below average on handling finances?

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    A saver and spender since childhood I've always spent less than I earned aside from buying my home. Through tough times I put 50% down on my house and paid it off over 16 years. I'm not cheep! I raised a sort of family, lost a lot of money helping friends and never sued for or inherited more than a few months pay. I'm not rich, never bought a new car and work a lower middle class job though I am an avid "do it your selfier" and have saved untold thousands not paying others to do things I can do myself. A little Yankee common sense goes a long way.

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    I'm a big saver though not as much as I could be. I choose to live alone with no roommate in a fairly large house, but other than that there is little I splurge on. I already could pay off my student loans if I wanted to, but I am saving for retirement etc. Maxed out my roth ira.

    Overall I am doing very well and in about 5 years (or possibly earlier) could be in a position to buy a house if I choose to.

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    I married a fiscally responsible wife and that changed everything. Before marriage, I spent what little I had. I still get these strange "must have" attacks, but there seems to be a lot fewer as time passes. This Christmas I don't really want anything. I don't know what has happened, I just don't have any desires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    I'm a big saver though not as much as I could be.
    I like to save, but I keep perspective. I know very well that I lose waaaaay more money to credit card debt than I gain by putting it in a savings account. I keep a hundred or so in savings at all times just in case I write a check and realize I effed up the math after it disappears into the mail. But otherwise, I store money in credit cards. If something goes wrong (car blows up, whatever), I can get to it there.

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    I'm a college student on full scholarship. My parents pay a significant portion of my living expenses, but since I have a healthy bank account and side income of my own, I'm taking on a fair share of those expenses.

    I don't currently have any credit cards; I use my debit card for basically everything. Honestly, I've been thinking about getting one because I'd just set it up to pay automatically from my checking account often; it would be like a debit card with minor benefits.

    I wouldn't call myself cheap - not by a long shot; if I had a sudden need to cut spending, I could cut dramatically. I buy a lot of things based not on "needing" them, but on the fact that "I'd use these a lot if I had them". That said, I don't tend to spend recklessly either; I'm sensitive to price and have a strong aversion to buying anything that replicates functionality of something I already own. I spend money on quality when I'm buying something I don't have, but I avoid buying things I won't heavily use.

    There are good arguments which could paint my methods as either responsible or irresponsible. I am, however, debt-free, and have much more in the bank than your typical college student.

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