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Thread: How fast do you type?

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    Default How fast do you type?

    I'm just wondering how fast all of you can type.

    I found this test online which will find out, so i thought it would be interesting to share the results. You can change the language, so if English isn't your first language you can try in your first language to make it fairer.

    Typing Speed Test - how fast can you type?

    I typed 387 characters a minute, with 0 wrong, which equalled 77 words.

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    47 on that, most of the time I do 50-60 (from what I remember from typing class).

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    This is what I got:

    You reached 439 points, so you achieved position 2460 of 518708 on the ranking list
    You type 596 characters per minute
    You have 107 correct words and
    you have 4 wrong words

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    You type 255 characters per minute
    You have 46 correct words and
    you have 2 wrong words
    In reality, I'm a fast typist than this. My problem with this test is that that I don't use home row and I can't touch type. My fingers hover over the keys and I go by muscle memory. But since I don't rest my fingers on keys, I need to visually realign them every five or so words (usually after I see myself type something incorrectly). The fact that this application fed out a random string of words, I had to read/type each one individually and had to look down the realign myself after every word. This in turn means I need to hunt for the next word on the screen each time. Right now, I'm probably typing closer to 80 words per minute.

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    56 words per minute apparently! Way up from when I last tried.

    You type 293 characters per minute
    You have 56 correct words and
    you have 0 wrong words (okay, that's only because I'm a perfectionist and I fixed all my errors :P - probably had about 8 wrong)

    Thanks for posting this Babyjess. I've often just claimed to have a typing speed of around 25-30 wpm. I had no idea I was doing about double that by now.

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    I tried and got 57 words, none wrong and 307 characters. And to think I used to get so mad about having a box put over my hands in typing class.

    This is the first one of these I've ever seen that has all of those other languages, too. Most of them just seem to have English and that's it. It does vary, though...sometimes it will give out a bunch of two and three letter words and other times it's mostly longer words. I actually did a couple of times and I'd say my average is about 53-54 words per minute.

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    288 chars / 50 words in english, 359 chars / 61 words in german. No wrong words.
    Probably since I didnt stumble over less used letters there.

    /e 305/373 on a second try. The switched z and y on german keybords as well as the many "o"s in your words really got me.

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    252 characters per minute, 42 correct words and 2 wrong words
    My cousin could've beat me like x2

    I tried the french one, my second language
    158 characters per minute
    14 correct words
    1 wrong word

    it`s just the on the keyboard that messes me up

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    My test says I type 38 words per minute with no words wrong because I fixed them as I typed.

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    I will go to the bottom of the class! I'm not even going to share the result - too embarrassing!

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