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    Hello and good evening, everybody!

    I'm finally getting around to posting an intro, as I did read all of the rules and guidelines So I'm a DL and a TB from CA, just looking for others who happen to share the same interests as me. I've been into diapers since 13, I believe, and it's nice to be able to indulge that side of me once again. I'm also a huge tech geek, band geek, and I'm slowly learning about automobiles. I mean, how bad would it look if a guy didn't know how to fix a car? xD

    Pretty soon I'll be trying to go off to college to major in music, which should be fun. I play the piano, drums, mallet instruments, multiple brass instruments, and guitar. I probably have a longer list, but frankly, I don't remember them all, haha.

    Cyanide and Happiness is one of my favorite web comics I just find it hilarious on what they manage to come up with.

    So yeah, that's a little about me, or a lottle xD

    Hope to see you all around!


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    Hey welcome to the site! Your not too far behind in posting a intro (seen worse :P). Drums is the best of the musicial options though (granted only played drums, and too tonedeaf for a lot of other things xD). Did you do any marching band or, symphonic type (i think thats the word? *shrugs*) or Jazz, etc?

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    I'm in marching band, wind ensemble, and drumline currently, and I'm hoping to be in Jazz, but the District Office that's in charge of the schools around here recently cut the class Hopefully we can somehow incorporate it into one of our other periods, here and there.

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