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Thread: diapered up for the night

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    Default diapered up for the night

    ohh stressful day..
    wife is out at the pub with girlfriends, kids are in bed, been out of diapers for a good week...

    so tonight;
    1 abena M3
    2 abena M3
    1 abena M4
    1 Dry 24/7
    a little packing tape to make sure everything stays put
    plastic pants.
    pj's (wish my footies would arrive in the mail.. sigh)

    starting to feel better already. cant help but waddle around.

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    I can't wait for mine to get here... I have stressfull days all the time and that always leads to a wet bed. I can't wait to wake up to a wet diaper and not wet sheets and pajamas.

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    just 4.. might not have written that too clearly.
    2 M3's, 1 M4, 1 Dry 24/7

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    Sounds like fun I'll prob diaper up too I usually do on most fridays.

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    Congrats I guess?

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    If you sleep in that, all the blood will rush to your head and cause brain damage... Damn that's thick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    If you sleep in that, all the blood will rush to your head and cause brain damage... Damn that's thick.
    yes, it is thick, that's why it's so fun!! i think i have about 2 inches of padding on my back side.

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    I hear you...stressful week here too. I'm in an abena x-plus with an abena abri-let maxi booster and an abena abri-let normal booster. Soooo comfy I will sleep well .


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    I did a Molicare, a Tranquility contoured booster, and a Dry 24/7 one night and that was ridiculous. I can't imagine what what you have listed would be like.

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