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Thread: Popeye's Chicken

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    Default Popeye's Chicken

    Time to feel your arteries harden as your taste buds are pleasured. Fair trade?

    This poll is about Popeye's chicken.

    Love it, or hate it?

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    Love it! So crispy and crunchy, but not greasy. Yum....

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm a vegetarian.

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    I have seen that once in a movie...I thought it was a fake movie brand till now.

    We have a KFC in the next city over, is it a similar place?

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    Popeye's is KFC's primary competition where I live.

    And, to me, it tastes better than KFC.

    Even if the standard chicken there will stop my heart faster than a KFC Double Down will.

    I should not have had that for lunch earlier today - my body is seriously not used to handling anything this unwholesome.

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    Not a big fan of fried chicken.
    BUT I do indeed love their biscuits! <3

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    LOVE it! i have cravings and I wish i could eat it multiple times a week, but only get it once a month. Spicy is the best. Good fries, biscuits and cajun rice. I hate KFC i think it taste like garbage.

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    Never had it before, whenever I see there ads it reminds me of a joke..

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    That is the advertising slogan from TV ads for Popeye's. I grew up eating the stuff. Popeye's Fried Chicken was started here in New Orleans by Al Copeland. He's also the dude who had the biggest Christmas lights display on his house in Metairie, a suburb of N.O. I like to get the spicy chicken and my favorite side is red beans. In New Orleans, Popeye's blows away the competition, like KFC and Churches'.

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    I have never had Popeyes, or Churches for that matter. I have had KFC before, but... meh, at best.

    The place I like most is actually Wishbone, but that's a local place that serves broasted chicken. Broasted is much better than fried, both in texture and flavor. The fact that they have great sides and pies doesn't hurt either .

    I would vote in this poll if I had ever had it, lol.

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