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Thread: I never posted an Intoduction!!!

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    Default I never posted an Intoduction!!!

    So I was just browsing the Intro page when I thought, "Hey I wonder what I wrote here 2 years ago" So i checked my threads, and apparently I never posted one! So here it goes

    Hello everyone I'm Nikki (Dillon). I'm 18 years old, not in college, and have a hard time finding shoes big enough to fit my feet. I never really grew out of diapers. They have just always been there with the want of being little again. My first diapers after babyhood was when I was 16 the day I got my license. I got tired of sneaking around with them after about 3 months, and have decided to wait until I move out before indulging again (Hopefully in a month ).

    Ok In recent posts I have posted about sexuality, so I am bi, but lean more towards gay. I find women attractive, but could never be in a relationship, or have sexual intercourse with them. My home life isn't the worst, but it's not greatest. My immediate family is a load of bible thumpers, and my extended family are the classic rednecks. Not so good for someone who is in the lgbt world. If you saw me walking down the street you would see me with work boots, blue jeans, flannel, and a beer in hand. This is basically what I've turned myself into to cover myself up. As far as I know they haven't suspected anything since my 7th grade year.

    In that year I was on my school's cheerleading squad, and was bullied severely for it by kids at school, and my family. I loved being on the squad, but gave it up after that year to "fit in". That is one of the biggest regrets of my life. The bullying stopped after my 8th grade year when puberty set in, and I was amongst the biggest kids at my school. So yeah whoopie.

    Um yeah that's about it I guess lol. Luckily I don't have any friends on here because they would be able to spot me out in a second by that description haha.

    I look forward to posting in your community

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    Well, so who is the shy forgetful one? It is a bit late for me to welcome you to ADISC you joined in the year before I did, (about 11 months earlier).
    Anyway it is refreshing to see the occasional non-conformist going against the flow of convention and doing things in reverse order.

    Unfortunately bible bashers give God a bad name, but if the red necks hate everybody then at least they are not racists. Peer group pressure and bullying are a negative aspect of young people growing up, (but it does not completely disappear in the adult world either).

    Hope things in your life improve especially in a month when you move out. A great late introduction by the way. See ya.

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    Haha yeah I forgot :P But thanks, and it's actually looking more towards February for the moving out. The job I applied for has a back round check and it's taking forever

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    Oh. Let me see. You are living in Pittsburgh, moving out during Winter and in early February? Now why does this remind me of a certain Bill Murray movie?
    Sorry please do not take offence, but just about all I know about that time of year and that part of the world, comes from that movie.
    If you will please excuse a dumb Aussi, how big a day is the second of February in the USA? Is it a public holiday? How cold can it get in Pittsburgh? How far is it to Punxsutawney?
    If you would like to answer these questions for me it will be much appreciated. But in any case, I wish you all the best with the new job, Christmas and the New Year period, plus the grand move regardless of the weather.
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