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Thread: Hello from Germany again :)

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    Red face Hello from Germany again :)

    Hello everyone

    After my lovely boyfriend told me 'bout this community, I thought I rather should take a look. So I'm from Germany, too My name is Arielle, it's the german written name of 'Ariel', and in the ABDL scene I'm nearly only known with this name. I'm fifteen years old, and still at school. I don't really know how it came for me to wearing diapers and experiencing I like that and I like to be a little girl from 3 to 4 years. I really dunno. I only know I was fascinated of baby stuff eversince I can remember.. And yeah.. With eleven, twelve years I found a german community which has this topic. I began to read and half a year later I was a bit a specialist in this thing I began to get adult diapers, and I made many friends. In august this year I found my perfect daddy and the most beautiful and best boyfriend I ever wanted. More than I ever wanted. We can life our fetish, he's my daddy in ageplay and I'm his little girl. I know, I'm so lucky haha. Yes.. And to my interests apart from that.. I love snowboarding in Winter, swimming in summer, and I love singing. I have singing lessons since 3 years now, and I still love it. Music's life to me!

    So, I hope my introducion was understandable, I don't really know if my English is good or a mess. School english sucks, even my teacher says that.

    Hope about getting a few nice contacts or mailfriends here



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    Welcome Arielle to ADISC from Australia. Your teacher is right, the worst way to learn another language is to be taught it at school. But your English is very good and your introduction highly understandable, (allowing for the fact that I am an Australian not English). For me my love of nappies (er diapers) started way back as far as I can remember, that and a love of female clothes. In real life, two of my main interests are science and astronomy. I have found this to be a very friendly site, and there are a lot of teenage adult baby members. I am very glad that you have found someone to share this life style with. How cold does it get in Germany for Christmas? Enjoy your time here.

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    Wilkommen! Your english is fine, better then most people's german here i'm sure. Wie Gehts?
    (trying to remember german from school xD, know the rules and such, just forget the words)

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    Thank's everyone for the sweet welcome words
    I'm glad my english obviously isn't that horror like I thought haha (oh my good, what a crap sentence. well. )
    Are here really pretty much people who aren't over 30? Don't get me wrong, I like having contacs wth ''adults'', too, and I don't say'uh, you're so old, I don't wanna talk with you', but I like it even more to find people in this section in my age, or, maybe under 25. Would be great. But everyone is invited to talk to me, maybe I can improve my english then too
    So, thanks again )

    You got my respect. I'm learning latin at school, and I think it's often, especially an grammar an so on, like the german language. Guess it's very very difficult for people to learn it. ´Respect And to answer: Mir geht's bestens, danke, und dir?

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    Welcome to the site. I understand what you mean about wanting to find people more your age. Totally understandable.

    From what I can tell, there seems to be a wide age range here but at least half (probably a lot more) are under age 40. So you should be able to find many under 30 or 25 here.

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