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    Hi, I am pretty new here. I have browsed the finished stories section for a couple of months, but I have not posted yet.

    I am an AB/DL. I do enjoy a variety of themes ie. regression, forced, punishment, found out...

    Aside from that, I enjoy watching football, playing video games, programming, my work(retail), and playing tennis. I don't particularly enjoy education, but I am enrolled in college.

    The main attraction for me are stories. I love reading. I enjoy the short stories, but I prefer the long stories that last many pages and are more about the story/characters than getting off. I probably won't post too much, other than to comment on stories. But I will on occasion pitch in on other threads that catch my interest.

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    Welcome n0eyes to ADISC from Australia. Yes my first visit here was for the stories, but I hope you will feel free to post on the forums more often as you get to know us better. About 15 years ago I tried a little programming, (COBOL, C++ and even a little assembly language would you believe), but now days my work is back to the trades as an assistant trainer. As for myself the love of nappies (er diapers) started way back as far as I can remember, along with a love of female clothes. In the real world, two of my main interests are science and astronomy. I have found this to be a very friendly site, enjoy your time here.

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    Thanks for the responses. I myself know python, VisualBasic, and am learning C++ . I wouldn't dare venture into assembly language.

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    Hello there! what are some of your favorite video games? i assume by football, you mean the American version (just checking, with europeans around it gets confusing :P), if so do you play and watch or just one or the other?

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    I prefer RPGs ie. Fallout, Mass Effect, but I do like the Halo series especially 2 and Reach.

    And yes, American football, but I do watch other sports ie. Hockey, and Soccer(as it's called in the US). I root for Spain in the fifa world cup(I'm white, but have Spanish in me).

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